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Faculty Stories

Robert James

Robert James, Business

Faculty Stories

Robert James knows entrepreneurship as well as he does hockey; scoring goals in both arenas and loading up on experiences that he shares with students in the classes he teaches at Macomb.

Janice Fox

Janice Fox, Speech

Faculty Stories

Speech. It’s an acquired skill, and one that takes time, effort and a little guidance and support. Thankfully, Macomb faculty member Janice Fox is more than up to the task.

Tom Savage

Tom Savage, Media and Communication Arts

Faculty Stories

Tom Savage, both a Macomb alum and instructor, began drawing up plans for a career in art and design in the fifth grade. He envisioned cartoon characters, a comic strip and book illustrations. It ended up being all that and more.

Tanya Balcom

Tanya Balcom, Business Management

Faculty Stories

When Tanya Balcom began teaching business management courses at Macomb in 2003, she had as much difficulty curbing her enthusiasm as a kid in a candy store or, more aptly, an ice cream shop.

Kurtis LaHaie

Kurtis LaHaie, Automotive Technology

Faculty Stories

To relieve stress, Kurtis LaHaie likes to jump on one of his vintage tractors and tool around the 10 acres of land where he and wife Angela raised children Darby and Devon, and two Labrador retrievers now roam.

Jennifer Manatine

Jennifer Manatine, Paralegal Program

Faculty Stories

Jennifer Manatine knew from an early age that she wanted to go into law, and she mapped out a strategy with the same careful research and attention to detail as an attorney preparing a legal brief.

Andrea Knesek

Andrea Knesek, Nursing

Faculty Stories

Andrea (Ande) Knesek is a world traveler. She’s been throughout Europe, as well as China and Portugal. But it was a 2017 trip to Guatemala that was the most “eye opening.”