residency explained

Residency Explained

Tuition Rates Based on Residency

Because Macomb Community College is a public institution supported, in part, by county and state tax dollars, tuition rates are based on residency. Therefore, students who live within or own property in Macomb County pay the lowest tuition rate. Students who live in Michigan but not Macomb County pay the second lowest tuition rate, and those who live out of the state or country pay the highest tuition rate. See official Residency Policy.

Students will be required to show evidence of residency (see following list of acceptable documents) at the time of each admission/readmission and when the college has reason to believe the student is misrepresenting his/her residency. The difference in fees will not be refunded if proof is submitted later.

Students who misrepresent their residency may be subject to disciplinary or legal action by the college and shall be charged the tuition rate applicable to their actual residency.

It is important to have your current address on file with the college. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain accurate information on all records.

Affiliate Tuition Rate

An affiliate tuition rate (less than that charged to out-of-county Michigan residents) is available to students living in specific communities not served by a community college or who are attending the college under the terms of a formal agreement with another educational provider. Affiliate student status applies to those who live in (1) the portions of four Macomb County School Districts (Anchor Bay, Richmond, Armada, and Romeo) that fall outside an established community college district, and (2) the southern Lapeer County School Districts of Almont, Dryden, and Imlay City, with an established tuition rate in both cases.

Students will have to present documentation to receive affiliate rates. A copy of the property tax bill or a copy of the Michigan income tax form for the last fiscal year that reflects the school district in which the student, or parent/guardian if a dependent, reside. If these items are not available, the student must provide a statement from the school district certifying the student resides within the school district covered in this agreement and does not pay taxes to a community college. Submit appropriate documentation (by fax, mail, or in person) to the Records & Registration Office at either Center or South Campus no later than the end of the term in which the student is enrolled in order for the student’s tuition bill to be adjusted.

International Students

Persons admitted to the United States under a student visa shall be assessed the out-of-state tuition rate. Permanent residents, refugees, other types of temporary visas and those who are undocumented shall receive tuition based on residency.

Verifying Residency

One or more of the following documents will be accepted to verify residency:

  • Valid Michigan driver’s license in student’s name (both sides must be submitted if license has been renewed or address changed)
  • Valid motor vehicle registration in student’s name (car insurance and car title not acceptable)
  • Utility bill in student’s name (dated no earlier than 60 days prior to registering for classes)
  • Valid Michigan identification card in student’s name
  • Payroll stub with student’s name and address (dated no earlier than 60 days prior to registering for classes)
  • Charge statement in student’s name and address (dated no earlier than 60 days prior to registering for classes)
  • Closing statement in student’s name (closing on residence must occur within 30 days after first day of semester)
  • New rental or lease agreement in student’s name (dated no earlier than 60 days prior to registering for classes)
  • Current property tax receipt in student’s name (must be place of residence or property)
  • Military identification card (only for those assigned to Selfridge Air National Guard Base)
  • Notarized statement verifying residency signed by parent(s) if student is still in high school, accompanied by parent’s proof of residency or by current high school record (e.g., high school transcript or current report card in student’s name and address)