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College for High School Students

College for High School Students

Getting a jump on college while still in high school is a smart move on your part!

You have a few options if you’d like to take classes at Macomb while still attending high school, some of which provide financial assistance.

Please note, students must be enrolled in 9th grade or higher to attend Macomb Community College. Students younger than 9th grade are encouraged to explore other K-12 Program Opportunities.

Dual Enrollment

High School-Sponsored 

If you attend a public high school, you may qualify for a high school-sponsorship.

Your district will pay for a certain amount of your college tuition, books and fees, but you’ll be responsible for the rest.


If you attend a non-public high school, you may qualify for a state-sponsored sponsorship that will cover some of the costs of your college education, like the high school sponsorships, but you’ll be responsible for the rest.


This option is open to both public and non-public high school students.

You have the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school, but you’re responsible for all costs, including tuition, fees, and books.

Early College of Macomb

A partnership between Macomb and the Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD), the Early College of Macomb accepts applications from Macomb County public high school students from participating districts.

If accepted into the program, you’ll  begin college in the 11th grade, completing your associate degree one year after you graduate from high school, with no out-of-pocket costs to you or your family. 

Information sessions are held each December before the February deadline for applications, and students and parents interested in the program are strongly encouraged to attend one of them.

More information on the Early College of Macomb can be found on the MISD website.

Talk to your high school counselor!

All high school students interested in enrolling in college classes (other than self-sponsored) should meet with their high school counselor as soon as possible to determine their eligibility and for assistance in completing and submitting the necessary paperwork.     

We’re here to answer your questions

For more information on dual-enrollment (high school/college) options at Macomb, contact our Office of K-12 Relations: 586.349.8712 or k12relations@macomb.edu.