Earning Transfer Credits

Earning Transfer Credits

Your goal is our goal!

If your goal is to earn a bachelor's degree, our goal is to make your transfer path barrier-free!

Our courses in English, math, science, history, humanities and social science fulfill most if not all of the general education requirements at four-year colleges and universities per the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).

We've also entered into transfer agreements with most public and many private four-year colleges and universities, ensuring that they accept credits earned in our individual courses and programs. The Michigan Transfer Network offers an easy guide to find out what transfers and where.

Planning your transfer path

We strongly recommend that you talk with a counselor or advisor shortly after you apply. They'll help you plan your transfer path, making sure you have a reliable roadmap.

And as a student, you'll have many opportunities to discuss your transfer plans with representatives from four-year colleges and universities. They're here throughout the year for:

Our partners in transfer

We're proud to be home to the University Center, a unique transfer option located on our Center Campus in Clinton Township.

It offers nearly 50 programs through partnerships with 10 colleges and universities, providing access to bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs close to home.

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