Tuition, Fees & Payment Options

Tuition, Fees & Payment Options

Calculate your tuition

Your tuition costs are determined by the number of billable contact hours (found per course in the College Catalog) that you register for multiplied by the tuition rate, which is determined by where you legally live at the start of the semester.

Tuition rates are lowest if you live in Macomb County, whose residents help fund the college through a portion of their property taxes.

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Need assistance?

Contact the Cashier’s Office at 586.445.7999, Option #6, or for help in calculating and/or to pay for your tuition, or visit them G Building, Room 324, South Campus or S Building, Suite 3B, Center Campus.

Choose your payment option

Full payment, sponsored billing, veteran or military benefits, financial aid or enrollment in our convenient Tuition Payment Plan is due by a given date before each semester or at the time you register for classes if that occurs after the due date.

Payment methods accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or US Check. Money order and cash accepted for walk-in payments only.

Payment Due Dates: See Academic Calendar

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