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Student Registration

Student Registration

Macomb Community College encourages students who are near to completing their graduation requirements to do so. The College also strives to provide an efficient registration system that allows students to successfully register for classes during published registration times. Therefore, the College follows an assigned/date time registration procedure which allows students to register based on an assigned schedule in order to achieve these two objectives.

Assigned registration times are determined using the following criteria:

  • The credit hours earned at Macomb by the end of the previous semester (excluding transfer credits) determine the assigned registration time.
  • Registration times are assigned based upon the highest number credit hours completed to the lowest.
  • In instances when students have completed the same number of credit hours, the order in which the student’s initial admission application was received is used to assign the registration time.

To qualify for assigned registration:

  • Current students must have been in attendance at Macomb within the last two years or have submitted a Student Update Form by the deadline.
  • New students must be admitted to the college by the published deadline for that semester.

Students who qualify for Assigned Registration will have a message appear in the upper left corner of the student’s My Macomb Home Page approximately two weeks prior to their assigned registration date/time. If no date/time appears, the student will be able to register on the first day of registration for all students as noted under the Academic Calendar on the college’s website..  Students will be able to register for classes beginning with their assigned registration time through the end of the registration period for each semester.

Special Conditions

The following cohorts of students are provided the opportunity to register on the first day of assigned registration regardless of number of credit hours earned:

  • Students enrolled in the Early College of Macomb program
  • Veterans using Veteran Administration Benefits

Implementation of this policy, including its promotion, technology support, and related guidelines, shall be the joint responsibility of the Learning Unit, College Advancement and Community Relations, Student Services, and Business Office.

Approved by President's Council
November 26, 2008
Revised January 2021