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Minors on Campus

Minors on Campus

Macomb Community College is committed to being a safe and healthy environment. Unenrolled Minors (persons under the age of 18 who are not currently enrolled as a student at Macomb Community College) may not be left unattended on College property. Unenrolled Minors must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times while on College property. 

In order not to disrupt the teaching and learning activities, Unenrolled Minors are not permitted into College classrooms, laboratories, or studios without express permission of the supervising instructor or designee, which permission may be withdrawn at any time. 

The only exceptions to the prohibitions listed above are prearranged and chaperoned tours, field trips, or college-coordinated or sponsored programs for minors, such as summer camps, outreach activities, workshops, tours, conferences, tutoring, and student organization activities. The College may require waiver/permission forms as a prerequisite to participation in such activities.  

Anyone bringing an Unenrolled Minor onto College property is responsible for all aspects of the Unenrolled Minor’s behavior while on campus and is financially responsible for any damages caused. 

Approved by President’s Council
August 6, 2019