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Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Purpose of this Policy

Macomb Community College uses social media to connect, engage and build relationships with current and prospective students, alumni and the community by highlighting our offerings and accomplishments.

This policy outlines guidelines for using official college social platforms, ensuring institutional reputation, legal compliance, appropriate behavior and responsible social engagement among faculty, staff and students.

1. The following Macomb Community College social media accounts and pages are managed by the Marketing Department using the college's Social Media Guidelines:

  • Facebook: Macomb Community College
  • X (Formerly Twitter): @MacombCollege
  • Instagram: @MacombCC
  • LinkedIn: Macomb Community College
  • YouTube: @MacombCollege
  • TikTok: @MacombCC

Faculty and staff may propose content for these accounts by submitting a Social Media Request form on My Macomb. The Marketing Department has discretion whether and how to honor said requests.

2. Employees wishing to create other social media accounts on behalf of a college program, department or team ("Departmental Accounts") must submit a Social Media Account Request form to the Marketing Department. The Marketing Department has the authority to approve or deny requests.

  1. The request must include the account's objectives, intended target audience and an explanation of why the content requires its own account.

  2. Departmental operated social media account, employees must follow the designated Strategies and Procedures for Owned Social Media Accounts and adhere to the following guidelines:

    I. Determine a Clear Purpose: Clearly define the purpose and objectives of the social media account to align with departmental goals.

    II. Understand the Target Audience: Develop a comprehensive understanding of the intended audience to tailor content and engagement strategies effectively.

    III. Establish Account Ownership: Formulate a plan outlining responsibilities and ownership structure to ensure accountability and smooth operations.

    IV. Develop and Maintain a Content Calendar: Create and consistently update a content calendar to organize and schedule posts, ensuring a steady and strategic flow of content.

  3. The Marketing Department has the authority to remove or merge Departmental Accounts that are not updated with fresh and appropriate content and/or not engaging followers.

Approved by President's Council
February 20, 2013
Revised May 2024