Military and Veteran Students

Military and Veteran Students

Macomb Community College is honored and proud to support the military-connected community. We assist veterans, service members and their family members to understand and maximize educational opportunities by providing direct connections to proven and trusted resources at the right time.

Point of Contact: People who serve, or have served, in the United States Armed Forces, and their immediate family members (collectively, “military-connected students”) are encouraged to contact the Office of Veteran & Military Services for questions about achieving their academic, financial, and career goals at Macomb Community College (“the College”). The Office of Veteran & Military Services can also help military-connected students obtain academic, financial or disability counseling.

Priority (Assigned Time) Registration: Military-connected students are eligible to utilize the assigned time registration process set forth in the Student Registration policy.

Interruption of Education Due to Military Service:  Individuals who must interrupt their education due to military service will be readmitted to the College program they were enrolled.  Students who missed more than one semester due to military service should work with the College’s Veteran & Military Services Office, which, in conjunction with Counseling and Academic Advising, will provide advice regarding continuing education and educational goals. 

When service members of the United States Armed Forces have military orders, Macomb works individually with each impacted student to accommodate the absences and make up the course requirements. The student should consult with their instructor(s), prior to the orders taking place (whenever possible), to determine options to complete course requirements during or subsequent of the orders. If a resolution or solution is not determined, the service member should reach out to the Veteran & Military Services office for assistance.

Personalized Shopping Sheet:  Individuals receiving benefits through any chapter of the GI Bill®, “Covered Individuals”, will receive a personalized shopping sheet, also known as a financial planning sheet, upon request from the Veteran & Military Services or the Financial Aid offices.  The personalized shopping sheet provides information about:  

  • Estimated total cost of the course (including tuition, fees, book, supplies and additional costs);
  • Estimated cost of living expenses;
  • Costs exceeding those covered by VA Education Benefits;
  • Other types of federal financial aid, not administered by the VA, that is available to the individual;
  • Estimated amount of student loan debt upon graduation;
  • Information regarding graduation rates; and
  • Information regarding job-placement rates for graduates, if available.

Eligibility for VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) Benefits:  Only courses required toward graduation for a student’s pursued degree can be certified to the VA (Department of Veteran Affairs) for benefit calculation and payment.  Required courses will be listed on the student’s personalized program plan.  To remain eligible for VA benefits through the GI Bill®, students must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or above during any semester when the student receives benefits through the GI Bill®.  If GPA is below 2.0 for four consecutive semesters, VA education benefits are ended unless the student works with the College’s Veteran & Military Services office for possible intervention.

No Automatic Enrollment: The College will not automatically enroll any “Covered Individual” in a course or program without consent.

Approved by President’s Council
May 17, 2022