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Student Concern and Complaint Procedure

If a student has concerns that merit discussion with a teacher or another college staff member, the student is encouraged to express his/her concern with the appropriate person, whether it be a teacher or staff member if this can be comfortably done. If not, the student should contact the supervisor of that individual to discuss the concern and seek appropriate resolution.

A student may initiate a complaint against a teacher if a student believes that the teacher has engaged in misconduct while performing duties or has failed to perform duties. The complaint process involves the following steps:

  1. The student may direct the complaint to the Associate Dean or Dean in the appropriate academic area for informal resolution. Alternatively, the student may submit the complaint to the Dean in writing. This notification must specify the reasons for the complaint and be signed and dated.
  2. The Dean in the academic area, Associate Dean in the academic area or the Dean of Student Success will investigate the complaint.
  3. As part of the investigation, the student may be called upon to personally discuss the complaint in the presence of one of the Deans or a designee and/or the teacher against whom the complaint is lodged.
  4. One of the Deans or a designee will decide whether action should be taken based upon the facts determined in the investigation. Questions regarding the complaint procedure may be directed to the Associate Dean or Dean of the teacher’s department. Students may also contact the Dean of Student Success for assistance with this procedure. (11/12)