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Student Email Account - Official College Communication

Student Email Account - Official College Communication

Macomb Community College (“the College”) provides every student a email address as part of a free Microsoft Office 365 account activated upon acceptance to the College. email address may be mandatory for all official communications with the College as identified below:

  • Credit students, generally those that are trying to obtain a degree, certificate, or transfer to a 4-year institution, must use their email address. Credit students will receive an email after registration reiterating their email is mandatory for all official college communication.
  • Workforce & Continuing Education students, generally those that are taking non-credit personal enrichment or workforce training (including certifications), can use their personal (Google, Yahoo, etc.) or their email address.

The student’s email account will be used for official notification by the College related to matters such as, but not limited to, Dean of Students, classroom/instructional, financial aid, enrollment and registration, and financials such as payments. Students are responsible for all official communications sent from the College to their email account. A student's failure to receive and read communications in a timely manner does not absolve that student from knowing and complying with the content of such communications. College Administrative policies including Title IX, anti-harassment, and acceptable use policies apply to the student’s use of the assigned email account. 

Student Microsoft Office 365 accounts expire two years after the last term attended. After that time, Students will no longer be able to save new documents or make changes to older documents in their Microsoft Office 365 account unless they reactivate the license directly with Microsoft.


  • Email communications must comply with federal and/or state regulations and College policies.
  • Macomb Community College will never request personal or confidential information such as social security number, credit/debit card numbers, or bank account identification information by email.

Approved by President’s Council
June 30, 2020
Revised October 2021