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Policy on Voter Registration

Macomb Community College believes in the democratic process and makes every effort to educate students regarding the importance of exercising their right to vote. Macomb Community College has implemented the following voter registration procedure:

  • In compliance with the 1998 Higher Education Act, Macomb Community College will make a good-faith effort to distribute voter registration forms to each degree- or certificate-seeking student who attends classes on campus. The forms will be distributed before the registration cut-off date.

  • Additionally, any student interested in obtaining voter registration forms can pick one up in either Student Life and Leadership Office (SK251 or CP127) along with information on where to submit or mail in forms. Student Life and Leadership will not collect and mail in any Michigan Voter Registration Forms.

  • A link on the Student Life and Leadership webpage will be available for students to download the Michigan Voter Registration Form.

  • Marketing campaigns will be conducted through the Student Life and Leadership Office to offer information to students about the election process and important dates.

  • Student Life and Leadership will collaborate with the Secretary of State to offer an on-campus voter registration drive.

  • Macomb Community College will not allow any outside agencies, organizations or groups to conduct voter registration drives on campus.

July 2012