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Libraries & Learning Centers Use

Libraries & Learning Centers Use

Macomb Community College’s Libraries and Learning Centers strive to maintain an environment that is compatible with our mission of supporting research and academic endeavors.

The Libraries and Learning Centers’ staff are committed to providing:

  • Space that is conducive to study.
  • Tools for users to find resources quickly and efficiently.
  • Courteous and respectful service.

Libraries & Learning Centers Code of Conduct

Macomb Community College Libraries and Learning Centers have the right to expect an atmosphere for research and study undisturbed by unacceptable or disruptive conduct. In order to foster an atmosphere conducive to research and study in the College Libraries and Learning Centers, all Macomb students, faculty, staff and community users shall abide by this and all other College policies, including but not limited to the policies and rules set forth in the College’s Policies on Rights and Responsibilities, Rules and Regulations, and the College’s Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy.

The College Libraries and Learning Centers strive to maintain a welcoming environment that is conducive to academic activities. In support of this goal, patrons shall treat the facilities with care and respect.  The following activities are not acceptable:

Violating the College’s Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy, or any policy, rule or regulation set forth in the College’s Policies on Rights and Responsibilities.

Abusing, threatening, stalking, harassing or intimidating Libraries or Learning Centers users or staff;

Creating a disturbance or behaving in a manner that interferes with normal use of the Libraries or Learning Centers (including rowdiness, noise, playing audible music, offensive interpersonal behavior, disruptive social gatherings or sitting on the table tops);

Engaging in unlawful harassment and/or overt sexual behavior;

Refusing to leave the Libraries and Learning Centers at closing time, when asked by staff due to unacceptable behavior, or in an emergency situation;

Fighting or otherwise acting in a disorderly or disruptive manner;

Being in an unauthorized area of the Library building, being in the building during hours it is not open to the public, or remaining in the building when requested to leave during emergency situations or drills;

Posting a notice in the Libraries or Learning Centers that has not been reviewed and approved by the Dean of Student Success.

Tampering with emergency mechanisms (fire alarms, alarms in elevators, opening emergency exits except in an emergency situation);

Physically altering the Libraries and Learning Centers’ spaces by blocking windows or moving furniture (except in an emergency situation).

Bicycles, Mopeds, Hover Boards & Skateboards

Bicycles, mopeds (powered bicycles, scooters or small motorcycles), skateboards, inline skates and hover boards are not allowed in the Libraries and Learning Centers’ buildings.

Cell Phones

Mobile devices should be set to silent or vibrate while in the College Learning Centers. Telephone conversations should take place only in staircases and lobbies.


Macomb Community College Libraries and Learning Centers provide unfiltered internet access. Parents and guardians are responsible for supervising their children. The Libraries and Learning Centers take no responsibility for content viewed by minors while on the premises. Parents and guardians are responsible for monitoring the electronic content accessed by minor children.

No child under the age of 16 is allowed in the Libraries or Learning Centers without a parent or guardian unless they are currently enrolled in a Macomb Community College class.

Borrowing Library Materials

Library cards, allowing users to borrow items from the College’s Libraries, are available to:

Current students, faculty, or staff of Macomb Community College who may borrow up to ten (10) items.

Community users and guest borrowers who may borrow up to three (3) Items.

Learning Center Materials

Learning Centers’ books and models can be borrowed, but are required to remain in the department unless otherwise specified. All items require a valid driver’s license, Macomb picture ID, or other picture ID for check out. The needs of students enrolled in active courses will be given priority.

Library Cards

Library cards may be obtained at the front Libraries Services Desk at either campus Library. Individuals seeking library cards must have a driver's license or state I.D. card as proof of identification.

Current students using a Macomb OneCard may activate the Library card number on the back of their OneCard in lieu of getting a separate Library card.

Acceptable Libraries & Learning Centers Computer and Web Use

Macomb Community College Libraries and Learning Centers’ computers have been made available primarily for the use of students, faculty and staff of the College and its university partners. These resources are present in order to support the educational and informational purposes that they choose to pursue.

While community residents and University Center partners are welcome to use these resources, the needs of Macomb Community College’s students, faculty and staff will take precedence. Users with legitimate educational needs directly related to the curriculum of the College will receive preferential access to college computers.

Persons using college computers for personal or business purposes may be asked to give up their seat in order to accommodate users with legitimate educational needs. During peak periods, users may be asked to limit their time of computer use to one hour in order to accommodate those who are waiting.

Macomb College Libraries and Learning Centers reserve the right to refuse computer access to anyone found to be in violation of the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy.

Privacy and Viewing of Controversial and Sensitive Material

Images on a computer monitor are often publicly visible in a way in which the contents of books or magazines are not. Libraries and Learning Centers staff are not responsible for content viewed by users on computers and do not monitor computer viewing.

Web Content Disclaimer

Macomb Community College Libraries and Learning Centers do not have control over purchased or free web content. The Libraries and Learning Centers are not responsible for content that may be inaccurate, incomplete, out-of-date, controversial, or offensive to some. Users are urged to question the validity of information they retrieve from the web and carefully evaluate its value and appropriateness for their purposes. They should also be aware that most web-based materials are copyrighted and existing copyright laws govern their use.

Dedicated Use and Study Spaces

Macomb Community College Libraries and Learning Centers have a variety of rooms and spaces available for use by current college students and staff. Access to these spaces is granted via the Libraries Services Desk and limited to two-hour increments.


Printing and copying are available for a fee.

Food and Drink

The College Libraries and Learning Centers’ policies allow users to have food and drink in certain areas of the Libraries. Please observe the following guidelines:

Use care when consuming food and drink while using computers and library materials. Dispose of food and drink containers in trash or recycling bins.

To minimize damage from spills, please use beverage containers with tops or lids (twist top bottles, travel mugs, etc.).

Food and drink are not permitted in the print book and journal collections, and other areas designated “No Food or Drink.”

Intellectual Freedom

The College Libraries embrace the position of the American Libraries Association (ALA) with respect to intellectual freedom. Those principles are encapsulated in the Libraries Bill of Rights, which asserts that the censorship of library materials violates the Libraries’ obligation to provide information and enlightenment to all users and that libraries must resist efforts to abridge the rights of free expression and free access to ideas, as protected by the First Amendment.

Lost and Found

The Library accepts lost and found items at the circulation desk. College Police are notified and retrieve the items (keys, cell phones, wallets, identification or any item of high value) on a timely basis during various intervals throughout the day.

The Learning Centers forward all lost and found items to College Police at their respective campus daily. Items taken to College Police include any USB or storage devices found.

Noise and Group Study

Users in group study rooms are requested to keep noise at a minimal level so as not to disturb users in adjacent study spaces. The walls of group study rooms are not sound proof.


Animals are not allowed in Library buildings unless they are assistance animals.

Trash and Recycling

Trash and recycling bins are strategically located near the copy/print machine and throughout the building for the convenience of users of the Libraries and Learning Centers.

Unattended Personal Property

Macomb Community College Libraries and Learning Centers are not responsible for the security of personal property. Users must keep their personal belongings with them at all times.

Approved by the Provost
October 26, 2018
Revised March 2022