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Ally Nash

Ally Nash is Letting the Music Guide Her

Student Stories

Allyson (Ally) Nash’s earliest memory of singing goes back to the solo she cinched in her fourth grade Christmas concert. “Since then, I have been giving the music world my whole undivided attention,” said Nash, who joined her middle school and high school (Dakota) show choirs before moving on to the Magic Company, Macomb’s show choir for high school students.

Sarah Johnson

Student’s wanderlust is taking her in new directions

Student Stories and Faculty Stories

Growing up, Sarah Johnson’s mom would sometimes excuse her children from school so they could accompany her on trips to Atlanta or Niagara Falls. It may not have paid off with As on their report cards, but the experiences were priceless.

Richard Zahodnic

Professor receives “ultimate compliment” from former respiratory therapy students

Faculty Stories

Former respiratory therapy students of Professor Richard Zahodnic have his personal cell phone number and are not shy about contacting him after they graduate. Not only is he happy to hear from them, but it is also a high point of his day.

Ashley Glaser

Respiratory therapy student fell in love with program and field

Student Stories

Ashley Glaser knew she wanted to work in health care and had a friend with asthma who sometimes struggled to breathe. But it wasn’t until a respected mentor became a respiratory therapist that she considered it as a career.

Abby Pace, Media and Communication Arts alumna

Abby Pace

Alumni Stories

Abby Pace had a self-described “wild imagination” growing up, with which she filled any available white space with fanciful designs. A presentation by Professor Brian Sauriol, now retired, about Macomb’s Media and Communication Arts (MACA) convinced her to start looking at those doodles in a more meaningful way.