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Naming Recognition

Macomb Community College welcomes and encourages philanthropy to help support student scholarships, academic programs, construction and renovation of College facilities, as well as other important College projects or programs. This policy is intended to govern the recognition of significant financial support given to the College.

Donor Recognition and Naming Opportunities

Macomb Community College and the Macomb Community College Foundation shall seek private funds to enhance the College’s ability to help meet the educational purposes and objectives of Macomb Community College in a charitable manner. Such philanthropic actions would include facilitating gifts in relation to the naming of a college facility consistent with this Policy.

Granting the right to name a facility, or a portion of a facility is a challenging task, and setting the appropriate donor level is, at best, not an exact science, and much depends upon the size, age, prestige, location, original cost, etc. However, some general principals can be put forth as follows:

  • Older Existing Facilities (more than 10 years old) funded with public money should be named only in exchange for gift commitments of at least 20 percent of the building’s current value or replacement cost, or a minimum of seven hundred and fifty thousand, ($750,000) dollars. Total costs include: architectural, planning, and construction; fees; site clearance and landscaping; furnishing; and equipment.
  • Newer Existing Facilities (less than 10 years old) funded with public money should be named only in exchange for gift commitments or at least 25 percent of the building’s current value or replacement costs, or a minimum of three million ($3,000,000) dollars. Total costs include: architectural, planning, and construction; fees; site clearance and landscaping; furnishing; and equipment.
  • Facilities, or a portion of a facility, that a donor wishes to have constructed or remodeled, will require a 100 percent gift commitment.
  • The minimum gift for a naming commitment as to a portion of a facility should take into account the location, visibility, and prestige associated with the space.
  • Donor names proposed for fountains, ornamental structures, landscaping or similar features will normally require a gift to cover the full cost of the project as well as a maintenance fund for long-term preservation.
  • To avoid any appearance of commercial influence or conflict of interest, due diligence should be taken before recommending the naming of a major program or area, building, open space, or roadway that involves the names of a corporation or corporate funding. The naming for an individual associated with a corporation should be handled as any naming for an individual.

The following principles shall be fully adhered to in the naming process:

  • Naming commitments are reflections on the ideals and reputation of the College, and accordingly, each gift and naming commitment should be reviewed carefully for full compliance with applicable laws and ethical principles. This is especially true where there is some direct or indirect business or other continuing relationship between the donor and the College, its officers or employees.
  • The Office of General Counsel shall be consulted as to each potential naming commitment and shall advise the Board of Trustees whether or not there are any questions about the applicability of state or federal laws on conflicts of interest and other ethical considerations that the Board of Trustees should be made aware of.
  • All proposed names for buildings and other facilities should be held in confidence during the review and approval process. There should be minimum communication about the proposed naming before appropriate approval has been granted.
  • The naming of buildings in recognition of a donor or honoree implies a promise to that donor or honoree that the facility will be permanently maintained, or if change is unavoidable, that an alternative means of recognizing the donor or honoree will be found at that time.
  • The College shall be responsible for maintaining a record of named buildings, and other spaces.
  • The College Board of Trustees may remove naming recognition at any time if the donor fails to timely meet an obligation specified in a gift agreement, is found to be in violation of law, or otherwise engages in conduct that, in the opinion of the College Board of Trustees, brings dishonor to the College or otherwise undermines the College’s reputation or image in the community.
  • The Guidelines for Facility contribution levels are contained in Schedule A of this Policy.

The size, design and wording of any signs acknowledging corporate generosity and College appreciation should exclude logos to avoid the appearance of advertising and must be consistent with the College signage.

Any donor wishing to specify a naming opportunity must provide at least 25 percent of the gift at the time of the request with a written pledge to complete the gift within three years. The space will be officially named when the gift is fully received, but will be reserved for the donor during the time of the pledge.

If the donor is making an irrevocable bequest or planned gift, a signed memorandum of understanding and documentation of the gift must be on file at the time of the naming. If the planned gift is revoked for any reason, the name will be removed.

The name of an existing facility will remain for an agreed upon time, depending upon the significance of the donation. The name on a facility to be demolished or repurposed will not be transferred to a new facility except in such case where transferring the name would be in the best interest of the College, and the new building is similar to the original building in function, size, etc.

Macomb Community College may decline or return a gift if the purpose of the gift is:

  • Clearly commercial.
  • Obligates the College to undertake responsibilities, financial or otherwise, that it may not be capable of meeting.
  • Restricted in use based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex or other classification prohibited by law.
  • Restricted in beneficiary to relatives or descendants of the donor.
  • Reserves the designation of beneficiary of a gift to the donor or his or her assigns.
  • Restricted to the future employment of the recipient of any gift.
  • Restricted by interest rates or conditions for repayment of loans.
  • Inappropriate or not in the best interest of the College.
  • The terms and conditions of all donations to the Foundation or College that would result in a naming opportunity shall be set forth in a written gift agreement or other instrument approved by the Office of General Counsel.

If the Office of General Counsel approves a proposed written agreement or other instrument, the naming request will be submitted to the College Board of Trustees for approval. The Vice President for Business is authorized to execute a board-approved gift agreement or instrument on behalf of the College.

Schedule A General Guidelines for Facility Contributions

Facility Amount 
College Buildings $750,000 - $3,000,000
Macomb Center for
the Performing Arts
Sports and Expo Center
   -Main Arena/Gym
   -Auxiliary Gym
Auditorium/theatre $250,000 - $500,000
Conference Center $100,000
Study Halls/
Common Areas
Lobbies $50,000
Student Lounges $50,000
Conference Rooms $25,000
Specialty Laboratories $20,000
Open Computer Labs $15,000
Classrooms/studios $10,000 - $15,000

Approved by the Board of Trustees
Macomb Community College
May 19, 2009
Amended by the Board of Trustees May 17, 2016