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Naming Recognition

Naming Recognition

Naming of Buildings, Spaces, Departments and Programs

Macomb Community College (“the College”) welcomes and encourages philanthropy to help support student scholarships, academic programs, construction, renovation and other important endeavors.  The College may, in its discretion, name campus buildings, spaces, departments or programs to memorialize extraordinary contributions or commemorate a significant financial contribution to the College.

Proposals to name a College building, space, department or program should be submitted to the Vice President for College Advancement and Community Relations, who may recommend naming opportunities to President’s Council.  If President’s Council supports a naming proposal, it will be submitted to the Board of Trustees, which has discretion to approve, modify or reject the proposal. Prior to presenting to the Board of Trustees, the President will discuss with the Board Chairperson.

Factors that may impact the decision whether to support or approve a naming request include:

  • The nature, amount, length and duration of the contribution(s).
  • The reputation and character of the donor(s).
  • The nature, purpose and prominence of the property or program(s).
  • Consistency with other naming commitments.
  • The appearance of commercial influence or conflict of interest.
  • The cost of maintaining the property or program.
  • Timing of the naming recognition may be influenced by the amount and when the gift will be realized.
  • Other factors deemed appropriate under the circumstances.

Naming of Smaller Items

Bricks, plaques, benches and similar items consuming little square footage may carry donor or honorary names with the approval of the College President.     

Duration of Naming

Naming for an honoree or a donor is generally granted for the useful life of the entity.  The College may deem the naming period concluded in certain circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • The purpose of the named entity is or needs to be significantly altered, or the entity is no longer needed/ceases to exist.
  • The entity is replaced, significantly renovated/revised or no longer used.
  • The period of time of the naming specified in the gift agreement has expired.

The College may provide alternate recognition or naming, as appropriate, in honor of the original gift. 

Removal of Naming

The Board of Trustees maintains discretion to revoke and terminate any naming.  Reasons the Board of Trustees may remove a naming include, but are not limited to:

  • The College determines its association with the donor or honoree could cause damage to the institution’s reputation, standing or integrity or be contrary to College’s values.
  • The donor fails to fulfill the terms of the gift that is recognized by a naming.

The College may provide alternate recognition as appropriate in honor of the original gift.


Approved by the Board of Trustees
Macomb Community College
May 19, 2009
Revised November 17, 2021