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External Fundraising Policy

External Fundraising Policy

External support from the private sector is an important source of revenue for Macomb Community College. Monetary contributions to the College in support of scholarships, institutional projects, and priority programs bring needed revenue and an enhanced reputation to the College. Fundraising efforts must be compatible with the educational and community service mission of the College, and must enhance the College's reputation.

Generally, volunteer fundraising supporters of the College fall within two groups:

  • A formally organized club, fraternal organization, or group with elected officers and independent financial control. Usually, these organizations support a number of charities and rarely request College financial support or involvement. The College gratefully acknowledges their support and maintains communication with these groups through the Macomb Community College Foundation.
  • An interested group of individuals with a common interest, commitment, and the financial means to support the College who needs institutional support to coordinate an effort.
General Conditions for Cooperative Fundraising Efforts Between Macomb Community College and External Volunteer Groups
The College requests that both groups described above observe the following general conditions to successfully support the College's programs.
  1. All College-sanctioned fundraising events must be mission-related and of a high priority for the College.
  2. The College considers its endorsement of an external fundraising activity as each opportunity arises.
  3. The College considers accepting each contribution on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Permission to use the College name and identity is not automatic. Any group wishing to use the College name and identity should request permission in writing from the College. Requests should be directed to the Vice President,College Advancement and Community Relations. The Vice President,College Advancement and Community Relations will immediately notify the Board of Trustees of any group given approval to use the name of the College in any fundraising activity. The College reserves the right to take legal action against any group which uses the College's name or identity to raise funds without prior authorization.
  5. External volunteer groups should be aware of and follow existing local, state, and federal laws, ordinances and statutes pertaining to fundraising and the subsequent tax advantages of contributing to Macomb Community College. External groups contributing to the College are responsible for knowing the legal responsibilities and consequences of their fundraising activities.

The College provides the following conditions for those specific groups of individuals with a common interest, commitment, and the financial means to support the College who request and need institutional support to coordinate an effort. This group is described as group II in the above section.

  1. The College can only allocate resources to a limited number of external fundraising activities in addition to the activities it directs through the Macomb Community College Foundation.
  2. The College's decision to support an external fundraising event with College resources is based on a group's level of community support, volunteer leadership, the financial commitment from members of the external group, and the costs involved to produce a successful event.
  3. The College requests that any external group wishing to support the College through a fundraising effort and who needs assistance from the College should first contact the Office of Vice President, College Advancement and Community Relations to secure the College's agreement to assist the effort before detailed planning of the event has occurred.
  4. The Macomb Community College Foundation may refer coordination of an activity to the appropriate department as in the case of Macomb Center and the Athletic Program.
  5. The College reserves fiscal control for all fundraising activities of any external volunteer group requesting institutional support from the College. The College maintains direct and total control over the use of any funds involved or raised by the activity.
  6. Any costs incurred by the College to produce a fundraising event will be deducted from the gross revenues of an event.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
Macomb Community College
September 17, 1991
Updated pursuant to Board Authorization (12/7/11)