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Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Macomb Community College does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of diagnoses of HIV infection or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Knowledge of a person's HIV status should be treated in a confidential manner by all members of the College community.

No restrictions will be automatically placed on students, staff, or faculty who are known to have HIV infection in terms of their abilities to work, study, or take part in activities on campus. Nevertheless, the College will consider the interests of the affected individual and the College community. Professional opinion, based on acceptable public health guidelines, will be used in deciding how to respond to specific requirements of individuals with AIDS on campus. Each case shall be considered individually. Such case-by-case consideration will use guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, American College Health Association, or other recognized authorities on the disease. These decisions will also be guided by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the College's exposure control plan as set forth in its Bloodborne Pathogens Policy.

This policy is based on current scientific and medical information which indicates that persons with HIV infection do not necessarily pose a health risk to others in a campus setting. Currently, there is no documented medical evidence of risk created by living in the same house with, caring for, eating food handled by, being coughed or sneezed upon, casual kissing, or swimming in a pool with an infected person. Known avenues of transmission include blood and body fluid exchange and sexual intercourse.

As with other diseases and conditions which may affect persons at the College from time to time, the College is unable to ensure that a member of the College community may not be exposed to HIV infection. Therefore, the College urges that all members of the College community become informed about the infection in order that each person may take precautions as (s)he determines appropriate.

The College does not provide HIV/AIDS testing for students or employees. However, students and employees may obtain confidential information regarding testing sites from the resources provided below.

The College shall comply with all federal and state laws and regulations with respect to students or employees with HIV/AIDS.

The College is committed to the goal of educating students, faculty, and employees about HIV- and AIDS-related conditions.  Resources include:

Michigan AIDS Hotline 1.800.872.2437
Center for Disease Control AIDS Info 1.800.232.4636

CDC National Prevention Information Network (NPIN)
P.O. Box 6003
Rockville, MD 20849-6003
Phone: 1.800.458.5231

Local Testing Services:
Macomb County Health Department Southwest Health Center
27690 Van Dyke Ave Ste B  
Warren, Michigan 48093

Macomb County Health Department Central Health Service Center
43525 Elizabeth Rd.  
Mount Clemens, Michigan 48043

Approved by the Board of Trustees
Macomb Community College
November 17, 1987
Revised April 17, 2012