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Student Hold Policy

Student Hold Policy

A HOLD will be placed on a student’s academic record if outstanding monetary or material obligations have not been satisfied, there is an address discrepancy, GPA is under 2.0, or in the event of an unresolved disciplinary matter. Until the reason is resolved, the HOLD will not be released and the student will not be allowed to register for classes or receive any other services from the College.

The Records & Registration Office can assist in identifying the reason for a HOLD on a record and how it can be released.

Reason for Hold Department to Contact
Records Update Records & Registration – 586.445.7999
Loan Exit Interview Financial Aid – 586.445.7999
Financial Obligation Cashier’s Office – 586.445.7999
Academic Intervention Counseling & Advising – 586.445.7999
Disciplinary Matter Dean of Student Success – 586.445.7408
Identity Verification Records & Registration – 586.445.7999
Financial Aid Identity Verification Financial Aid – 586.445.7999

Approved by President’s Council
November 11, 2015
Reviewed May 30, 2023
Revised June 27, 2024