Full-Time New Hire Onboarding Portal

Full-Time New Hire Onboarding Portal

Full-Time New Hire Onboarding Portal

Congratulations and Welcome to Macomb Community College!

This webpage is designed to provide you with all the information, forms, and policies you will need as a new employee to the College.  In addition, you will meet with a Human Resource Representative to answer any questions and finalize your hiring process.  A member of the HR team will contact you to schedule this meeting which should occur at least one week prior to your start date.  The meeting will be held at the MAC Building (Suite 3A) located at 16000 Hall Road, Clinton Township. 

To prepare for your employment, please pay close attention to the forms and links below.  Some items are for your review and understanding, while others require you to take immediate action.

Again, I would like to personally welcome you to Macomb Community College and I look forward to a great future.


Joline Davis, Vice President of Human Resources

Immediate Action:

  1. Please take this form to Concentra to complete your pre-employment physical and TB Test prior to your HR Meeting:
    1. Concentra TB Test Form

  2. If a degree is a requirement qualification for your new position, and you have not done so already, please order your official transcript. Transcripts may be submitted electronically via email directly to HumanResources@macomb.edu. If your institution cannot submit electronically, transcripts should be mailed to:

    Macomb Community College
    Office of Human Resources
    14500 East Twelve Mile Road
    Warren, MI 48088

  3. Before you meet with us please review the following:
    1. Substance Abuse Policy
    2. Equal Opportunity/Non-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, Title IX, Disability Accommodation, Anti-Fraud and Non-Retaliation/Whistleblower Policy
    3. Title IX Policy
    4. Use of Computer Software Policy
    5. Violence Prevention Policy
    6. Bloodborne Pathogens Control Policy
    7. Responding to Reports of Sexual Harassment
    8. Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
    9. Long Term Care Insurance
    10. Notice to Employees and Coverage Options
    11. Emergency Procedures Manual
    12. Macomb Emergency Messaging Alerts Registration
    13. MCC Customer Service Standards
    14. Time Clock Plus Employee Instructions-STA and Command Officers only
    15. Time Clock Plus Employee Instructions- Maintenance, ASP, Part-time, Work-Study, and Police
    16. MCC Time Clock Plus Employee Quick Reference Guide – Maintenance, ASP, Part-time, Work-Study and Police
    17. MCC Time Clock Plus Manager Instructions
    18. MCC Time Clock Plus Manager Quick Reference Guide

  4. Retirement Options:
    1. ORS New Hire Retirement Plan Election Brochure (new to MPSERS)
    2. ORS MI Welcome Guide (enrolled in MPSERS prior to July 1, 2010)
    3. Voluntary Options for Retirement:  403B and 457 Income Deferrals
  5. Overview of Benefit Information
  6. Please review the following Benefit forms and bring with you to your new hire meeting at Human Resources. Only complete the form(s) required for the insurance plan you select.
    1. Benefit Enrollment and Change Form for Medical, Dental and Vision
    2. Cigna Life Insurance Beneficiary Enrollment Form (required)
      Cigna Voluntary Term Life Insurance Enrollment Form (Voluntary)
    3. Waiver of Medical Coverage (required if declining MCC Medical Insurance)
    4. Flexible Spending Account Enrollment Form
    5. 2023 FlexSave Brochure
    6. 2023 HSA Enrollment Forms Packet

  7. Please review, complete and sign the following documentation and bring with you to your new hire meeting:
    1. Acknowledgement Form
    2. ORS New Hire Retirement Plan Acknowledgement
    3. Federal Withholding Form (W-4)
    4. State Withholding Form (MI W-4)
    5. City of Detroit W-4 (if applicable)
    6. Direct Deposit Authorization Form
    7. Emergency Contacts

  8. Please review the I-9 Acceptable Documents List and the Instructions for Form I-9. Bring original form(s) of identification with you to your new hire meeting.
    1. I-9 Acceptable Documents
    2. Instructions for Form I-9