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Ivan Thomas

Ivan Thomas

Student Stories

After graduating from Warren Lincoln High School in 2019 and working at MJR Cinema, Ivan Thomas was bored. He had never been out of the states, was clueless about a career and experienced “culture shock” without the routine of high school. “I sat down with myself and asked, ‘What is it that you really like?’” related Thomas. “I like food, and that’s when I knew what I wanted to do.”

Michelle Spencer

Michelle Spencer, Dental Hygiene

Faculty Stories

Michelle Spencer didn’t enjoy going to the dentist when she was growing up. But she has turned her “dental anxiety” into a positive, showing empathy to those she has cared for as a dental hygienist and teaching her students ways to calm their patients as well.

Dylan Farnquist

Macomb to Ferris was one of the best decisions I have made

University Center

My experience as a transfer student from Macomb to Ferris State University has been nothing but a huge success. Macomb is a great college and it prepared me to get where I’m at today.

David Valentine

Career options for today’s pharmacy technician


Pharmacy technicians were once limited to counting out prescribed medications and handling sales transactions, but their roles and responsibilities continue to change as the responsibilities of pharmacists grow and expand.