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Wayne State University

Wayne State University is a national research university with an urban teaching and service mission. It is a constitutionally autonomous public university within Michigan's system of public colleges and universities.

As an urban teaching university, Wayne State seeks especially to serve residents of the greater Detroit metropolitan area. The University aspires to implement its curricula in ways that serve the needs of a nontraditional student population that is racially and ethnically diverse, commuting, working and raising families. To meet its obligations to its nontraditional students, the University attempts to schedule classes throughout the metropolitan area and the evening as well as during the day.



Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Leads to certification to teach elementary education in the state of Michigan. The elementary certificate qualifies the holder to teach all subjects in kindergarten through grade five and the minors in grades six through eight.

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a major in Integrated Science or Mathematics

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations

Public relations is an exciting and challenging field that demands individuals with excellent communication skills and training. Most public relations classes are taught by faculty members who have professional experience in addition to their academic training. The practical applications of ethics are carefully considered. The program pays special attention to effective written and oral communication as well as developing a fundamental understanding of human communication and research methods.

Bachelor of Social Work

Prepares students for entry-practice in social work. During each year about two-thirds of the curriculum is in professional courses in social work and about one-third is in co-requisite courses and electives.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Global Supply Chain Management (Offered at ATEC/South Campus)

Every successful organization owes a portion of its success to effective supply chain management and logistics. These processes focus on the production and distribution of goods and services. The market in which organizations compete has become increasingly global - as they work with non-domestic suppliers, outsource business functions and market goods and services to consumers around the world. Business leaders realize that a sustainable approach to managing global supply chains plays a significant role in achieving success. They need well-qualified, supply chain professionals to meet the challenges and recognize the opportunities.

Bachelor of Arts in Nutrition and Food Science

To meet the needs of the food industry, Wayne State and Macomb have partnered to educate upcoming food scientists and chefs who not only excel in food preparation, but also understand nutrition and healthy eating. This program is ideal for you if you have earned Macomb's culinary arts - culinary management certificate, or if you are interested in Nutrition and Food Science in general.

Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science (Offered at ATEC/South Campus)

A degree in computer science is a pipeline to one of the hottest career fields in today's market. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, "Computer scientists and database administrators are projected to be one of the fastest growing occupations over the next decade. Strong employment growth combined with a limited supply of qualified workers will result in excellent employment prospects for this occupation and a high demand for their skills." And the best part is that it can be completed on Macomb Community College's South Campus.

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management (Offered at ATEC/South Campus)

The growing field of construction management offers graduates the opportunity to oversee capital projects from the design phase to the completed structure. Professional construction managers supervise daily operations on building sites and bring real value to the construction process by controlling costs, meeting deadlines, and managing the unexpected. This exciting program is ideal for students who are interested in developing their analytical and problem-solving skills and those who seek a profession that is often out in the field rather than behind a desk.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology (Offered at ATEC/South Campus)

Engineering technicians apply principles of engineering, mathematics and science to the operation or testing of engineering and manufacturing systems. An Engineering Technologist working in research and development is often involved in data collection or may prepare or conduct experiments. They may also participate in design work through the use of computer-aided design systems.

Baccalaureate engineering technology graduates are often called technologists to distinguish them from baccalaureate graduates of engineering programs. Graduates of engineering technology and engineering programs complement each other in their skills and interests. Together with technicians and scientists, they form a technological team which has been able to produce an ever-increasing rate of technological advancement.

Related degree offerings include:

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Offered at ATEC/South Campus)

Mechanical engineering is a creative discipline that draws upon a number of basic sciences to design devices, machines, processes and systems that involve mechanical work and its conversion from, and into, different forms of energy. It includes: converting thermal, chemical and nuclear energy into mechanical energy through engines and power plants; transporting energy via devices like heat exchangers, pipelines, gears and linkages; and using energy for a variety of goods and services that benefit society such as transportation vehicles of all kinds, manufacturing tools and equipment, biomedical engineering, and household appliances. Mechanical engineers are also involved in the selection of materials for almost all manufactured products, to help ensure their structural integrity before they are sold in the marketplace. The design and manufacture of automobiles and airplanes are excellent examples of the usage of mechanical engineering concepts.

Master of Social Work

Prepares students for ethical, competent advanced level professional social work practice with a focus on interpersonal practice or community practice and social action. Emphasis is placed on the urban setting and working with diverse, poor, vulnerable and oppressed individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.


Wayne State University Office: UC1, Room 102
Phone: 586.263.6700

Doug Peacock, Wayne Advantage Coordinator


Wayne State University's main campus is in the Cultural Center area of Detroit. In addition to the University Center on Garfield Road in Clinton Township and the Advanced Technology Education Center across from Macomb’s South Campus in Warren, Wayne State has extension locations in Farmington Hills, Harper Woods, Madison Heights, and Northwest Detroit. Courses are also offered at other locations in Michigan, other states, and abroad.