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Central Michigan University

Located near the center of the state's lower peninsula, Central Michigan University is a comprehensive state university founded in 1892. It offers undergraduate, graduate, professional and pre-professional programs, as well as professional development seminars. Approximately 21,000 CMU on-campus students come from all 83 Michigan counties, plus 45 other states and a number of foreign countries.

Originally founded as a training school for teachers, it has steadily broadened its focus. CMU achieved university status in 1959, and today offers over 120 programs at its Mt. Pleasant campus. In addition, through its Global Campus programs, CMU serves the education needs of more than 28,000 students in 50 locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. More than 70,000 students, a number that represents nearly one-quarter of the university's living alumni, have received their degrees through CMU's Global Campus programs since they began in 1971.

CMU's Global Campus programs were created to serve the needs of working adult students by providing courses and student services at times and locations convenient to adults. The university has offered programs in Macomb County for more than 40 years, has enthusiastically supported the development of the University Center at Macomb Community College, and views the Center as a model for serving the adult student population.

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Bachelor of Science in Administration with a concentration in Organizational Administration or Industrial Administration. This program is designed for students who have completed the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science Degree.

Bachelor of Applied Arts in Administration with a concentration in Organizational Administration or Industrial Administration. This program is designed for students who have completed the Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Bachelor of Science in Community Development with a concentration in Public Administration, Health Sciences or Community Services.

Master of Arts in Education: Community College

The Master of Arts degree in Education is designed to provide knowledge and skills for individuals required to function effectively in various positions of educational leadership. This is not a certification program for educators, as it presumes the individual is already trained and qualified in the technical aspects of her of his field. Students strengthen their curriculum and writing skills, integrate technology in their classrooms, evaluate and measure program relevance and effectiveness, and explore research and teaching methods.

Masters of Science in Administration with a concentration in Digital Management, Emergency Management and Homeland Security, General Administration, Health Services, Human Resources, International Administration, Leadership, Logistics and Acquisitions, Project Management or Public Administration.

Master of Science in Administration: Emergency Management and Homeland Security (Concentration)

Homeland security leaders must be skilled not only in response and recovery but also in prevention and preparedness. This degree covers all aspects of crisis management with a solid foundation in administrative practices, strategic planning and human behavior, plus concentration courses dedicated to national and global homeland security in the public and private sectors.

This degree teaches you the skills you need for leadership in emergency management and homeland security in:

  • Federal, state, county and local government
  • All branches of the military
  • Crisis communication
  • Corporate and nonprofit risk management
  • Law enforcement
  • Fire departments
  • Nonprofit response organizations at local to global levels

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University
Office: UC1, Room 202
Phone: 586.228.3160
Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 6:00pm

Kris Haymon
Assistant Director of Enrollment


Central Michigan University's main campus is on 800 acres on the southern boundary of Mt. Pleasant, a city of 25,000, in the center of Michigan. In addition to the University Center, CMU has extensions in Dearborn, East Lansing, Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Southfield, Traverse City, Troy; and in seventeen states, three Canadian provinces and Mexico.