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MIOSHA Training Institute

Welcome to the MIOSHA Training Institute

The MIOSHA Training Institute (MTI), part of Macomb’s Public Service Institute, is a collaborative effort between the college and MIOSHA’s Consultation, Education and Training Division to provide affordable occupational safety and health training to companies across the state.  Adhering to the most current state standards, this training not only helps companies achieve MIOSHA compliance, but also improves and advances occupational safety and health in the workplace.

MTI at Macomb is the State’s Only Approved Provider of:

  • Occupational safety and health training
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) toward MIOSHA certifications
  • MIOSHA “boot camps” (six-day compliance training)

MTI Scheduled Courses

MTI courses are offered throughout the year at various locations across the state, with some offered online as well. The MIOSHA training calendar provides a complete list of scheduled courses, including times and locations. Partial scholarships are available for many of the courses, with the exception of pilot courses and boot camps.

The MIOSHA Progress Log allows individuals to keep track of the courses they have completed and also serves as the application for Level One and Level Two Certification.

Level One and Two State Certification  

Certification in Safety and Health, and MIOSHA Compliance provides individuals with a credential that attests to their educational accomplishment and increased expertise. MTI state certifications are recognized by the State of Michigan for the duration of an individual’s career.    Those who successfully complete an MTI course receive a certificate of attendance and continuing education units (CEUs), which may be applied to these MTI state certifications:

  • Level One: Safety and Health General Industry
  • Level One: Safety and Health Construction
  • Level Two: Safety and Health Management Systems
  • Level Two: MIOSHA Compliance - General Industry
  • Level Two: MIOSHA Compliance – Construction
  • Occupational Health 

Additional Benefits for Employers

Employers who provide a proactive occupational safety and health education program for their employees have been shown to experience lower workers’ compensation costs, increased employee productivity and less absenteeism and turnover.

Attending MTI courses themselves offers employers the opportunity to meet consultants and compliance officers, and network with industry peers. Providing this training to their employees may qualify them for a reduction on any penalties incurred during a MIOSHA inspection in acknowledgement of their proactive safety practices.  

Credit by exam for MTI courses offered by Oakland University

MTI has partnered with Oakland University (OU) to provide an advanced educational opportunity to individuals who have achieved Level Two Certification in Safety and Health Management Systems.  Eligible candidates will receive up to 11 college credits by exam toward a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Health and Safety from OU.  The courses necessary to complete the bachelor’s degree may be taken on campus or online.  

For quality occupational safety and health training at a reasonable cost for yourself or your employees, join MIOSHA in trusting Macomb to provide it.    

For more information on MTI at Macomb, contactSteve Stopin, program coordinator, at 586.498.4106 or