The Macombers: Singers. Dancers. Students.

For the love of performing

Whether they want a career in entertainment or education, students who pass the required audition to become a Macomber have one thing in common. They love performing!

Representing the college throughout the county and state, and sometimes farther afield, they've earned the title of Macomb's goodwill ambassadors.

Dressed in stage costumes and dance shoes, they've performed for American presidents, Michigan governors and Fortune 500 executives, as well as fairgoers, school children and senior citizens.

Auditioning for the Macombers

Auditions are held each spring for the academic year and are announced via flyers on campus.

It doesn't matter what your major is or the extent of your performing experience, all you need is energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to take direction! Just bring a recording of your favorite song to perform and a pair of good dancing shoes!

If you're selected for the troupe, you'll receive a partial scholarship in exchange for your commitment to rehearse at least three times a week and perform regularly on behalf of the college.

The funding for the Macombers scholarships is partially derived from the proceeds of two "Extravaganzas" held in the spring and fall. Each is a two-hour choreographed show in which you, as a Macomber, will perform on the main stage of the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts.

Booking the Macombers

The Macombers are available to perform at your next event and will travel to your site with their own accompanist and stage crew.

Fees are minimal, especially when compared to other performing groups, and mostly offset travel, staging and costume expenses.

Ready to hear applause?

If you're interested in auditioning for the Macombers or in booking the troupe for an event, contact Todd Moses, 586.286.4734.