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Alumna achieves new goal as a technical coach after earning computer science degree at Macomb

Friday, June 28, 2024 08:00 AM

Lanna, of Detroit, is employed at KTD (Kroger Technology & Digital)
Lanna Brasure, Macomb Alumni

A degree in computer science from Macomb has opened many doors for alumna Lanna Brasure.  Her education has provided her with the in-demand skills necessary to succeed as a software developer and, later, as a technical coach, mentor and even published author.

Lanna, of Detroit, is employed at KTD (Kroger Technology & Digital) as an advanced technical coach.  In her role, she serves as a guide and mentor for other software engineers, encouraging them to increase productivity, organization and efficiency.  “I’m extremely passionate about helping others see the potential within themselves that they may not see on their own,” she said.

How a degree in computer science leads to a rewarding career

Lanna, who was previously featured in Macomb’s blog in 2021, started her career as a software engineer at Little Caesars after earning an Associate of Arts in General Studies and an Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology from Macomb.  Before committing to computer science, Brasure considered culinary arts, business and psychology majors at Macomb and took a few classes in each.

Although she worked as a software engineer for Little Caesars, Brasure realized she hadn’t fully answered her calling.  That’s why she took the job at KTD in March of 2022. The new role allows her to combine her passion for computer science with helping people.

Lanna credits the Macomb classes she took outside of computer science with helping her career evolve even further, specifically the psychology and business courses. Along with working for KTD, Brasure provides coaching as an independent contractor, during which she offers individuals technical and soft skills and career guidance.

“I’ve had the pleasure of introducing hundreds of beginners to the world of technology and in return they let me be a part of their a-ha moment,” she said.

From writing code to publishing a book

Lanna has been working on a gratitude journal for the past couple of years, which includes daily writing prompts and inspirational quotes. She said she will publish the journal, which should help combat negative thoughts, this fall.  In addition, she’s in the process of building a website to accompany the launch of her first published book.

A billboard moment

Lanna is one of many Macomb alumni helping others by sharing their personal and career journeys. Along with agreeing to be interviewed for this blog, Lanna was photographed for advertising purposes. One of those photographs was printed on a billboard, which is located on Van Dyke at 29 Mile Road and not far from where Lanna once lived.

Just as any great coach and motivator would do, Brasure used the billboard as a teaching moment: “To think this was a road (Van Dyke) I used to drive down when I hated my job, had no idea what I wanted to do, no idea who I would become. I always felt so lost,” she wrote on LinkedIn. “And now, I help others find their way. Say yes to opportunity because you never know what will come of it.”

Discover your journey

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