Computer Science Transfer

Logic in Motion

A career that computes

Love computers, data analysis and math?  Do you lose all sense of time when you are working on a code or mapping out an algorithm? 

Then computer science is your path to an exciting and growing career, with skills that’ll make you valuable in the marketplace.

For a look at all the courses in our program, consult the course list.

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Computer Science Transfer

Transfer with confidence

Our Computer Science Transfer program has been designed with your bachelor’s degree in mind.  

Combine required computer science courses with information technology-specific electives matched to the requirements of your transfer destination. 

You’ll graduate with an Associate of Science degree in Computer Science and a knowledge base that you can build upon at a four-year college or university.

Algorithms, applications and more

In our program, you’ll become familiar with the principles of mathematics, engineering and logic as related to computer science, as well as algorithms, software and hardware applications, computer interactions, functional and object-oriented programming, and more.

You will graduate from the program with the practical knowledge necessary to keep a company, as well as the country, on the leading edge of computer technology

Let our faculty prepare you for your career with their professional expertise and first-hand understanding of the computer science field.

They’ll teach you about:

  • Designing and building computer programs
  • Writing, debugging and testing
  • Networks, databases and other interfaces
  • C++, Java, Python and other programming languages
  • Critical analysis & problem-solving

Ready to connect with our faculty?

Contact Robert Banta, program advisor, at 586.445.7325 or to learn more about the program.