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Lanna Brasure

Wednesday, September 08, 2021 08:00 AM

Lanna Brasure
Lanna Brasure
Pushing for a brighter future

If variety is the spice of life, Lanna Brasure’s spice racks should, by all accounts, be overflowing.

The St. Clair County native, who now lives in downtown Detroit and is a software engineer at Little Caesars, has enjoyed more hobbies and careers than most people do in a lifetime. Perhaps this is due to her drive to reject complacency and reach for the stars.

“There have been times in my life where I could have given up,” notes Brasure. “But I kept pushing forward and striving for better.”

Included in her list of favorite pastimes, Brasure enjoys traveling the world, reading, writing and many activities, including “aerial and pole acrobatics, climbing, hiking, boxing” as well as “singing, dancing, cooking and baking.” Oh, yeah. She also enjoys helping others learn how to code.

Who is the imposter among us?

Brasure also takes great pride in teaching hundreds of people coding with varying degrees of complexity while maintaining her own YouTube and Instagram channels.

“Helping strangers and friends with imposter syndrome. Helping others understand that they can code,” adds Brasure. “This is a skill that can be learned like anything else. To be able to show people the potential I see in them that they may not see in themselves.”

Home sweet Macomb

First majoring in culinary arts at Macomb, Brasure changed her major to production baking. At the time, she was employed as a line cook, and realized the pay and hours involved didn’t align with her career goals.

She would then switch gears three more times: first to psychology, then business. After a great deal of research and self-reflection, she decided upon computer science.

“After my first coding class in college, I went to my car,” continues Brasure, “called my boyfriend at the time, and told him how happy and proud I was of myself that I had finally found what I was supposed to be doing.”

Brasure graduated from Macomb with Associate of Arts in General Studies and Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology – Programming degrees, and also participated in a coding bootcamp through Grand Circus.

She credits Macomb for teaching her the “foundational knowledge” and “soft skills” necessary to be successful in her career.

“I loved going to school [at Macomb],” says Brasure. “I’m happy with Macomb as my choice.”

Having worn many different hats in her career, Brasure credits Macomb’s Career Services team with helping her pave the path to do what she loves.

“Meeting with Career Services was extremely helpful for me when trying to figure out exactly which major I wanted to pursue in tech,” notes Brasure, “and ultimately what I wanted to do after college.”