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Tom Savage

Tom Savage, Media and Communication Arts

Faculty Stories

Tom Savage, both a Macomb alum and instructor, began drawing up plans for a career in art and design in the fifth grade. He envisioned cartoon characters, a comic strip and book illustrations. It ended up being all that and more.

Sarah Zanchetta

Sarah Zanchetta

Alumni Stories

Arizona is as different from Michigan as the Emerald City is from Kansas. The road Sarah Zanchetta followed to the Grand Canyon State, however, was paved not in yellow bricks, but in costing models, inventory controls and arrow diagrams. Not to mention a certain college logo depicting the turning pages of a book. (Yes, that would be Macomb’s.)

Tanya Balcom

Tanya Balcom, Business Management

Faculty Stories

When Tanya Balcom began teaching business management courses at Macomb in 2003, she had as much difficulty curbing her enthusiasm as a kid in a candy store or, more aptly, an ice cream shop.