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Grading, Reports and Symbols

Grading, Reports and Symbols

Grading, Reports and Symbols

The College grading system is as follows:

Grade Honor Point Value Interpretation




































Fail-No Credit




(NOTE: Grading scale expanded to include plus/minus Fall 2004)


A Pass/Fail grade may be given for a specific course based on the recommendation of the faculty in the discipline, a supporting rationale, and with the approval of the Provost. 

Grading Symbols

In addition to the grading system, the following symbols may appear on a student Grade Report. 


Audit - No Credit


Grade Not Reported




Course In Progress


No Show




Withdrawal-No Credit

Withdrawal from Class

The 'W' grade may only be given to students who officially withdraw from class, and properly complete a Class Withdrawal Form. Students who officially withdraw during the first three-quarters (3/4) of a class/term shall receive a 'W' symbol for that semester. Students may not officially withdraw during the last quarter (1/4) of a class/term, and will be given an A, B, C, D, E, or I grade.

Failure to Attend Class

Students who do not attend  an onground or online class by the end of the third week of class (for sections running four (4) weeks or more) or by the end of the third day of class (for sections running three (3) weeks or less) are considered a “no show” and will receive a grade of NS—No Show.

For students enrolled in an online class attendance must include meaningful interaction in the class beyond just signing in or sending an email to the instructor.

Examples of meaningful interactions include, but are not limited to:

  • Responding to a discussion question
  • Taking a quiz
  • Completing an assignment
  • Participating in group work
  • A response to an activity within the online class

Receiving an NS Grade will impact students receiving the following funds/benefits:

  • Financial Aid and NS Grade - Students receiving an NS symbol will be required to repay the portion of financial aid applicable to the class(es) not attended. The student will receive an invoice for repayment. Failure to repay any State/Institutional debt will result in referral of the student’s debt to the College’s collection agency.
  • Federal Veteran’s Benefits and NS Grade - Students receiving an NS symbol will be reported to the Veteran’s Administration (VA) Office. The VA Office will contact the student regarding possible repayment of funds for which the student was not entitled.
  • F1 International Status and NS Grade - Students receiving an NS symbol will be reported to the U. S. Department of Homeland Security for violation of immigration policies. The student may be contacted by this office regarding possible sanctions for non-attendance.

Grade Point Average

The 'AD', 'NR', 'I', 'CIP', 'NS', 'R', and 'W' are not counted in determining a student's grade point average (GPA).

When a course is repeated the Academic Renewal and Course Repeat Policy shall apply.

Incomplete Grade Policy

An "I" (incomplete) grade is reserved for situations when a student needs to complete, at most, one-fourth of the work for the term.  If the student is unable to complete the term, an "I" (incomplete) grade may be recorded.  The student and instructor will complete a faculty/student contract form outlining the necessary requirements needed to complete the class.  Once the student completes the necessary requirements for the class, a Change of Grade form and a copy of the faculty/student contract must be submitted for the student to receive a grade greater than an "E."  For those "I" (incomplete) grades that are not changed by the end of the following term, the "I" (incomplete) grade will default to an "E."

Course Audit

The purpose of permitting a student to Audit a class is to make available to any student the opportunity to take a class without being required to complete any of the assigned work.

An auditing student must register and pay tuition and fees in the same manner as a student taking the class for credit.

Credit by Examination/Portfolio

Credit may be granted to a student who demonstrates by examination and/or portfolio that they are proficient in a subject. The examinations used shall be appropriate standardized commercial examinations or standardized college-prepared examinations.

Dean’s List Procedure

Students who achieve a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 with a minimum of 12 credit hours earned in that semester appear on the Dean’s List under the designation full-time student (12 plus credit hours). Part-time students, those who earn fewer than 12 credit hours within a semester, would become eligible to be included on the Dean’s List once they accumulate a minimum of 12 credit hours. Once eligible, part-time students who achieve a minimum semester GPA of 3.25 with a minimum of 6 credit hours earned that semester would be placed on the Dean’s List.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
Macomb Community College
July 15, 1986
Revised by the Board of Trustees March 15, 2016