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Academic Renewal and Course Repeat Policy

Academic Renewal and Course Repeat Policy

Academic Renewal Policy

This renewal policy is established in order to enable students to attain an associate’s degree or certificate. This policy is not intended, nor may it be used, to assist a student in attaining academic honors.

A student who wishes to qualify for a certificate or associate’s degree, and whose grade point average (GPA) is below 2.0, may request that up to thirty (30) credits of course work taken at Macomb Community College in which the student earned a “D” or “E” be disregarded in computation of the minimum 2.0 grade point average needed to earn a certificate or degree.

NOTE: Credit hours disregarded in determining the grade point average will not be counted toward the minimum hours required for graduation.

This renewal request may be granted only once and under no circumstances will any of the grades be removed from the student’s academic transcript. The renewal request does not supersede Financial Aid policies regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Academic Renewal, when granted, applies only to Macomb Community College courses. There is no guarantee, expressed or implied, that academic renewal will be recognized by any other college or university.

* The College will deduct the “E” grades in the calculation of the grade point average until the student has an overall 2.00 grade point average. If the student does not have enough “E” grades, the College then will deduct the “D” grades from the grade point calculation until the student has an overall 2.00 grade point average. No more than thirty (30) credit hours can be deducted from the calculation of the overall grade point average. 

Course Repeat Policy

A student who elects the same course more than once will have the better grade counted in determining grade point average (GPA) however, both course grades will remain on the student’s record. The computer will assign an R to the course with the lowest grade. Effective summer 2003, the original grade will reflect the grade plus an "R" next to it. Repeats prior to summer 2003 will show only the "R." To repeat a course that is no longer offered by the College, consult the appropriate department to see if a similar course may be substituted.

A student may not repeat a course for credit or audit more than three times unless the Catalog or Schedule of Classes designates that this course may be repeated with the approval of the appropriate associate dean, a counselor, or an academic advisor.

Normally, credit for a class may not be counted more than once unless specifically stated in the course description (Cooperative Education, for example).

Approved by the Provost
June 2003
Revised February 11, 2019