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Transferring from Another U.S. College

Steps for F-1 students transferring from another U.S. college to Macomb Community College:

  1. Prospective applicant should create an admissions account and submit an application on the Macomb Community College website.
  2. Applicant must make an appointment to take our Placement test to evaluate English proficiency.
  3. If English proficiency qualifies the applicant to attend Macomb as an F-1 student, they can proceed with the paperwork by going back to their admissions account to obtain and upload the required documents.
  4. The applicant’s current school should not transfer the SEVIS record to us until the student has official written notice of acceptance including start date.
  5. Once the SEVIS record has been transferred to Macomb, we will create a new I-20. You will be contacted to schedule an appointment to meet with International Student Services to come in and sign your new I-20 and finish the transfer process. Once this is complete, you will be able to register for classes.


The following documents need to be returned to us in order to be considered for admission (click on links to access and print forms)

1. Admission Application Applicant’s signature and current address on the Application for Admission is mandatory.
2. English Proficiency Must meet Macomb’s English language proficiency requirement.
3. I-20 Information Form Information used by Macomb Community College to create the I-20.
4. Bank Statement  We require recent (within last 60 days), official statement(s) indicating the sponsor has at least $22,700 in U.S. dollars, in an account(s) to support the F-1 student. If the statement lists a foreign currency, we also require a letter from the bank, in English, translating the amount to U.S. dollars.
5. Financial Affidavit Signed statement by the student attesting to the fact that they are fully aware of the financial obligations of their sponsor and acknowledge that they are not permitted to work. Also signed by the sponsor attesting to the fact that they have sufficient funds to meet the student’s expenses and acknowledge that they understand the student is not permitted to work.
6. Contact Information  Student contact information.
7. Academic Affidavit Signed statement by student recognizing they understand the academic responsibilities of an F-1 student at Macomb Community College.
8. Student Transfer Form Student must complete Part I of the Transfer form, requesting and authorizing their current Designated School Official (P/DSO), to provide information to MCC. Part II is completed by the P-DSO from the student’s current school and mailed or faxed to Macomb Community College.
9. Transcripts Student must provide unofficial transcripts for admission purposes.
10. I-20 Student must provide a copy of their I-20 from the current school plus all previous I-20s.
11. Visa, passport and I-94 card Macomb must make copies of these forms for the applicant’s file.