Admission Information

Admission Information

Admission Information

College employees are not qualified or permitted by law to provide advice with respect to any legal matter including immigration and naturalization procedures. Please consult your attorney.

International Students are defined as students that hold an F-1 student visa.  All persons in the United States on an F-1 student visa will be issued an I-20 form and are required to be enrolled full-time in a Macomb Community College program for the duration of the I-20. At Macomb Community College, a full-time undergraduate program consists of a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester. F-1 International Students at Macomb Community College are required to successfully complete a minimum of twelve credit hours for the Fall and Winter semesters and maintain a 2.0 (a ‘C’ average) grade point. Students are limited to 1 online class per term, if they have a grade point average of 2.0 or better. First-year students must take full-term (16 week) classes.


Persons admitted to the United States under a student visa shall be assessed the out-of-state/foreign tuition rate.  For more information you may visit our Residency Explanation Page.

English Proficiency

The applicant's success or failure at Macomb Community College will depend, to a great extent, on his/her command of the English language. All lectures and textbooks are in English.

All International Students are required to provide documentation of their English proficiency. To establish English proficiency you will complete our TEST 50 Placement Test, which can be done remotely at home online. To be able to proceed with the International Student admission process, an applicant would need to place into EAPP 1300 or higher.

*EAPP 1300 – Integrated Skills & Preparatory Composition 3

This course improves students' academic English through writing, reading, speaking and listening activities. Students will practice more verb tenses, including the present perfect, as well as modals, gerunds and infinitives. Students will use new structures, vocabulary and complex sentences in longer paragraphs. Regular use of computer lab is also included.

Placement Test

  • For helpful practice tests, please visit How to Prepare to study for the ESL portion of the Placement Test.


  • Click on the Application for Admission link and create an account and submit an application.
  • Once your application has been processed your first step will be to complete TEST 50 Placement Test to show English proficiency.
  • Once English proficiency is proven, you will be notified of the additional admissions steps and required forms and then be able to upload them in your admissions account.


  • Financial sponsors are expected to pay ALL educational and living expenses of the F-1 student, which is approximately $22,700 per year for each F-1 student and an additional $8,000 in living expenses for each dependent of the student. If at any time during the normal length of study as outlined on the student's I-20, the initial sponsor withdraws their support from the student, it is the student's responsibility to find another sponsor IMMEDIATELY. The previous sponsor must submit reasons for not continuing sponsorship in writing. The new sponsor must fill out all required forms. If the student fails to submit the paperwork in a timely manner, they will be reported to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). A student cannot maintain F-1 status without a sponsor.
  • Submit recent statement(s) or a bank letter (within the last 60 days) indicating the sponsor has at least $22,700 in an account to support the F-1 Student. The statement(s) or bank letter must be officially translated by the financial institution and stated in U.S. dollars. Statement(s) or letters must be original documents. Copies are not acceptable.
  • If the student has dependents, the sponsor must add an additional $8,000 for each dependent to the bank statement or letter. For one dependent the total would be $30,700, for two dependents $38,700 and so on.

Living Expenses

International Students should not leave their native country until they are absolutely certain of continued financial support from their sponsor and have a verifiable U.S. address within 70 miles of Macomb Community College.  The college will not finance the education of any student.

  • On the basis of current tuition rates at Macomb Community College, educational expenses for International Students for one year may be conservatively estimated as follows:

Tuition and Fees:  $6,600.00

Books and Supplies:  $1,500.00

Personal Expenses:  $14,600.00

Total Expenses:  $22,700.00

The budget above assumes that the International Student will be conservative in the use of money, will come alone (without dependents), and is well supplied in advance with personal items.

Canadian students commuting from Ontario should plan on having the following finances available per year while attending Macomb. (tuition, fees, books, supplies etc.).

  • Commuting Canadian students: $8,100

F-2 & Dependents

If you have a spouse or children who will accompany you to the United States, Macomb requires extra paperwork including a dependent form, proof of an additional $8,000 for each dependent including a sponsorship affidavit (Financial Affidavit for Dependents) and

and the dependent's name listed on the I-134 form and marriage or birth certificates for each dependent. A new I-20 will be issued for the F-1 student listing the dependents, and an I-20 will be issued for each dependent.

The dependent(s) may take college classes as long as they remain part-time students, (less than 12 credit hours) and can only be students for as long as the I-20 is valid. Dependents must take our English language Placement test and their scores will determine if they need to take only English language courses or may begin taking academic classes immediately.

If the primary F-1 visa holder is not a student at Macomb Community College, we will need to see updated copies of the I-20’s for the F-1 and F-2 every term.

If you are an F-2 visa holder and wish to apply for admission, please contact us at

It is unlawful for F-2 dependents to work in the United States.


For students applying from their home country, it is not required to submit foreign transcripts to be accepted at Macomb Community College. 

If you are an F-1 student transferring from another U.S. institution and want your credits evaluated and posted to your record at Macomb, you must have an official transcript sent from your previous school directly to the Records and Registration office.


The I-20 is a document that is issued by the school through SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) and the Department of Homeland Security. It is a certificate of eligibility proving to the Federal government that you have been accepted and may attend Macomb Community College. This document is as important as your passport and must stay with you at all times. Only after all the requirements are met and all the paperwork is complete, will Macomb issue the student an I-20. Each dependent of the student, if any, will also be issued an I-20. 

Once the I-20 is created, it requires the signature of both the student and the Macomb-designated school official. If the student lives out of the country, we can mail the I-20 at the cost to the student.


Please double-check that all the information on the I-20 is correct and sign your I-20. You will now need to complete the I-901 in order to pay the SEVIS fee. Visit The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) SEVIS I-901 Fee processing website to fill out the form.   Follow the directions closely. Use the SEVIS number at the top right-hand corner of your I-20 and the school code of DET 214F 00557000. If the student is still in their home country, the SEVIS Fee must be paid prior to going to the Embassy.


The International Student Services Office staff are not USCIS employees. Any questions, other than information pertaining to F-1 visas, must be directed to USCIS or an immigration attorney.