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Pepside (Percy) Masanga

Pepside (Percy) Masanga

Student Stories

When Percy (a nickname given to her in elementary school) Masanga began taking classes at Macomb in the fall 2021 semester, she was ill-prepared for the chill that arrived shortly after the autumn equinox. “Where I came from, it is mostly hot and we do not have snow,” said Masanga, who grew up in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in Central Africa, which straddles the equator and is home to a tropical rainforest. “To be honest, I am still getting used to the weather and to the wealth.”

Margaret Anderson

Margaret Anderson, Economics

Faculty Stories

When Margaret Anderson attended Macomb in the 1990s, she was a young mother of two facing a likely divorce and in need of a career to support her family. Since then, she has been dedicated to educating women in personal finance so they can confidently pay bills, manage a household budget and save for the future.