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Assessment Resources

The Office of Academic Development in the Center for Teaching and Learning provides resources and offers professional development to support assessment activities across the college. The Office of Academic Development assists in the creation of rubrics and in the analysis of assessment data, and generates reports for faculty on assessment results. The Office of Academic Development also collects action plans that are housed in the Assessment Resource Center.

Tools and Handbooks

Macomb’s faculty review official course syllabi. During the biennial Syllabus Review Year course outcomes and objectives, as well as relevant Common Degree Outcomes, are reviewed and updated if needed, and course assessment strategies identified. In order to support syllabus review, a Syllabus Review Process Guide was created and is distributed to faculty at institution-wide professional and curriculum development days. The Syllabus Review Process Guide provides faculty with an overview of the process, a tutorial on how to write effective learning outcomes and objectives, a sample syllabus, a list of Macomb’s Common Degree Outcomes, and specific information on syllabus changes that require Curriculum Committee approval.

Using the official course syllabus, faculty members conduct periodic course assessment. The history of assessment for each course and program is available to all faculty on the Assessment Resource Center. To support the assessment process at the course and program level, assessment workbooks were created and distributed to faculty. These assessment workbooks present the assessment cycle graphically and provide explanations, examples, and exercises for each phase of the cycle.

The Syllabus Review Process Guide and the Assessment Workbooks have been widely adopted by Macomb’s faculty.

Workshops and Professional Development Series

Macomb’s Center for Teaching and Learning offers professional development to the faculty to support all aspects of teaching and learning, including assessment of student learning outcomes. All professional development services are available to faculty as one-on-one consultations, departmental workshops, or college-wide workshops. The following are examples of different types of professional development offerings for faculty.

Curriculum & Assessment Support

The Office of Academic Development is offering new workshops with a focus on different areas in the assessment cycle. Faculty attending these various workshops will have the opportunity to work on student learning outcomes, curriculum mapping, and creating an assessment timeline.


Program Assessment: Video Tutorial Series

The video tutorials in this program assessment series provide faculty with an overview of the assessment process used at Macomb Community College and include topics such as, developing program outcomes, curriculum mapping, collecting and examining assessment artifacts, determining and implementing a student learning improvement strategy as well as how to find a program summary sheet for assessment and how to complete an assessment action plan form. The video tutorials are housed in the Assessment Resource Center for faculty use.


Macomb’s Standing Committees, Ad Hoc committees, and advisory boards provide assessment support and resources to the college. Please see examples below.

  • Curriculum Committee (standing committee comprised of faculty and administrators)
  • Assessment Committee
  • Advisory Boards in Career areas such as Marketing provide insight and guidance on program outcomes