Macomb Community College sets 2024-2025 tuition rates

Thursday, February 22, 2024 08:30 AM

Macomb Community College increases 2024-2025 tuition rates
Macomb Community College increases 2024-2025 tuition rates 1.8%.

Macomb Community College sets 2024-2025 tuition rates

Tuition will increase 1.8%, a rate 16% lower than the state average

At its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday evening, Feb. 21, the Macomb Community College Board of Trustees authorized a 1.8% increase in tuition rates for the upcoming academic year, Fall 2024 through Spring/Summer 2025.

The rate for residents, which comprise 76% of the college’s students, will go from $111 per billable contact hour to $113. Even with this increase, Macomb has the third-lowest tuition rate among the state’s 28 community colleges, 16% below the average, and a tuition rate that is 78% lower than the state’s public universities.

“Providing accessible, affordable and high-quality educational opportunities that connect to meaningful career pathways is one of our highest priorities,” said Macomb Community College President James O. Sawyer IV, Ed.D.  “This modest increase in tuition upholds our commitment to affordability while ensuring we have the resources to support our students’ success, to innovate and invest in emerging opportunities and to preserve the fiscal viability of the college.”

Tuition is one of the three primary sources of revenue for the college, comprising 35% of Macomb’s revenue, with local property taxes at 33% and state appropriations at 27%.

Macomb has a longstanding commitment to making the most of limited fiscal resources. The college’s millage rate is the third lowest among the state’s community colleges, and the college receives the eighth-lowest appropriation per student (fiscal year equated student – FYES) from the state. Macomb has the lowest operating expense per FYES among the state’s 28 community colleges at 32% below the state average.

Macomb Community College tuition categories, their current billable contact hour rates and the rates for Fall 2024 through Spring/Summer 2025 semesters are:

Category Current Tuition 2024-2025 Tuition
Resident $111 $113
Out of district $208 $212
Out of State / Foreign $265 $270
Affiliate* $143 $146
Early College/Dual Enrollment $106 $108

*Those living in areas not served by a community college district.

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