Macomb Community College Board of Trustees sets 2022-2023 tuition rates

Thursday, February 17, 2022 08:00 AM

Bird's eye view college campus
Macomb's South campus

At its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday evening, Feb. 16, the Macomb Community College Board of Trustees authorized tuition rates for the upcoming academic year, Fall 2022 through Spring/Summer 2023. Tuition for residents will increase 2%, going from $104 per billable contact hour to $106. For Macomb students, who on average take 8.7 credit hours, the new tuition rate will result in an increase of $17.40 for a semester.  

 “Maintaining affordable tuition, offering meaningful programs and preserving the college’s fiscal integrity continues to drive our operational decisions,” said Macomb Community College President James O. Sawyer IV, Ed.D.  “Enacting a moderate tuition increase supports the college’s ability to continue investing in and sustaining high-quality programs that connect our students to in-demand careers with wages that sustain families and offer long-term opportunity.”

 Due to the college’s longstanding history of fiscal responsibility and prudent cost-cutting, Macomb has had the lowest operating expense per student (fiscal year equated student) among the state’s 28 community colleges for the past nine years, which is currently 63% lower than the state average. While the millage that the college receives is the third lowest in the state, Macomb’s tuition also remains well below average among the Michigan’s community colleges, with the third lowest rate. Those planning to

  earn a bachelor’s degree can save 77 percent on the first two years of tuition by attending Macomb versus starting at one of Michigan’s public universities.

 Macomb’s revenue is comprised of three primary sources:  tuition (38%), local property taxes (31%) and state appropriations (27%). 

 Macomb Community College tuition categories, their current billable contact hour rates and the rates for Fall 2022 through Spring/Summer 2023 semesters are:  


Category                           Current Tuition                2021-2022 Tuition

Resident                           $104                                  $106

Non-Resident                  $194                                  $198

Out of State/ Foreign     $247                                  $252

Affiliate*                           $133                                  $136

Variable (Contract)+       $104                                  $106

*Those living in areas not served by a community college district.
+Agreements with third parties who pay tuition on behalf of a student.

 About Macomb Community College

Macomb Community College ( is one of the nation’s leading community colleges.  Macomb nationally ranks in the top two percent in the number of associate degrees awarded by community colleges and is one of the largest grantors of associate degrees in Michigan. The college’s comprehensive educational programming includes pre-collegiate experiences, university transfer and career preparation programs, bachelor degree completion and graduate degree programs, workforce training, professional education and certification, and continuing education and enrichment opportunities.

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