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Grant Supported Job Training Assistance

Macomb Community College actively pursues state and federal grants and other collaborations that allow it to enhance its programs and provide free or low-cost training and educational opportunities to businesses and individuals. 

The following are the currently funded training and educational programs Macomb has partnered in with state and federal agencies and other educational providers and organizations.

Michigan Apprenticeship Program Plus (MAP+)

Funding Source: U.S. Department of Labor ($3.9 million)

Purpose:  Develop apprenticeship pathways and build a pipeline of qualified candidates for skilled trade apprenticeships and other employer-sponsored industrial training programs.  

Who Benefits:  Employed, underemployed, unemployed and high school students interested in entry or advancement in a skilled trade, and companies in need of a highly skilled workforce to remain competitive.  

Additional Information: Brochure
Additional Information: Industrial Readiness Certificate

Center for Advanced Automotive Technology (CAAT)

Funding Source: National Science Foundation - Advanced Technological Education program ($5.52 million since 2010)

Purpose: Work with educators and the advanced automotive technology industry to develop the curriculum and educational pathways needed to create a pipeline of qualified candidates for the next generation of middle-skilled automotive technicians, engineering technologists and designers.

Who Benefits: 

  1. Automotive manufacturers and industry suppliers (employers) through customized curriculum and training programs, a pipeline of qualified job candidates and professional development opportunities.
  2. Students through curriculum and educational pathways that lead to good-paying careers in advanced automotive technology and through Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) outreach in secondary schools.
  3. Educators and educational institutions through publicly available curriculum resources, secondary school outreach, seed funding and professional development opportunities.
  4. General Public through advanced automotive technology awareness information and outreach events.

Additional Information: CAAT Website
Additional Information: Brochure

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