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Foundation Board of Directors

The Macomb Community College Foundation Board of Directors shall consist of four (4) Permanent Directors with full voting rights, and up to twenty-four (24) Community Directors with limited voting rights.  Community Directors shall: (a) maintain knowledge of the mission, programs, resources, and needs of the Foundation and the College; (b) advise the board regarding fundraising strategy, tactics, opportunities, sources, contacts, goals, objectives, events or other fundraising matters; (c) actively participate in the Foundation’s fundraising programs, activities and events; (d) provide significant  financial support  for the foundation directly or indirectly through  the identification, cultivation, solicitation and closing of donors as requested; (e) maintain confidentiality of donor information; (f) serve as an effective  spokesperson in the community; (g) annually provide the board with a self-assessment covering objectives achieved during the course of the year, and (h) serve as a representative of the board at college and community events.

Macomb Community College Foundation Permanent Directors


Macomb Community College Foundation Community Directors