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Determine Your Enrollment Status

Determine Your Enrollment Status

How Credits Count

Your veteran education benefits are determined by the number of credits you are enrolled in and how they overlap during a time period (semester). In most cases, you need to be a full-time student to be eligible for full benefits.

Enrollment Status:

For a standard 16-week semester, VA will classify your enrollment as follows:

Full Time 12+ credit hours
Three-Quarter Time 9 – 11 credit hours
Half-Time 6 – 8 credit hours
Less Than Half-Time 1 – 5 credit hours

Be aware of semester dates!

VA bases your benefits on the beginning and ending dates of your classes. They look at your enrollment on each day to determine your payment amounts. If your term dates are not the same, your benefits may be less than you expect. Contact the Office of Veteran & Military Services with questions before it is too late to change your schedule each term.

For semesters less than 16 weeks, use the following chart to see how VA will determine your rate of pursuit.

Veterans Enrollment Status