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The promotion of academic and athletic excellence in the student body being a worthy objective of the College, a system of scholarships based on academic and athletic achievement, on a special background or exceptional circumstances, as well as on need, will be maintained, so that, despite the financial limitations of individuals, the College can recruit students who will enhance the College academically and athletically. “Achievement” may be established through a record of success in previous academic and athletic endeavors, or through examination or “tryouts.”

Academic scholarships of a generic nature are to be funded out of donations and fundraising efforts, supplemented, if necessary, by appropriations from the general fund. Athletic scholarships are to be funded out of revenue derived from operation of the athletic program and college athletic facilities. Music scholarships, and those of a similar specific nature such as in art, are to be funded in great part similarly to athletic scholarships, that is, from revenues derived through public presentations and sales, and through donations made for that purpose, supplemented, if necessary, by appropriations from the General Fund. No scholarships funded by sources other than gifts or grants shall be granted without budget approval of the allocation of funds for such purpose, and the Administration shall submit an annual summary of scholarships granted.

Achievement-based scholarships must not exceed the cost of tuition, fees and books. This does not preclude the Financial Aids Office from providing such assistance to the needy as is called for in federal and state guidelines for this kind of aid.

Athletic Scholarships

Recognizing that sports and athletic ability are important to the recreation and physical health of the individual and of the student body as a whole, and that athletic competition tends to develop desirable traits of character, such as leadership, mental alertness, teamwork, cooperation, spirit of fair play and courtesy, the awarding of athletic scholarships is appropriate. Such scholarships are to be closely administered under these guidelines.

Financial need as well as athletic ability are to be considered in awarding athletic scholarships and the scholarships shall be available to both men and women. The amount awarded to any individual may not exceed the cost of tuition, fees and books. The total amount awarded for all athletic scholarships in any one year shall not exceed the amount permitted by the rules of the Michigan Community College Athletic Association.

Before an initial award, candidates must have previously demonstrated satisfactory academic potential. To maintain eligibility for athletic scholarships at Macomb Community College, students must meet the minimum academic standards established by the National Junior College Athletic Association. Michigan Community College Athletic Association Rules on Scholarship Aid will be fully complied with by coaches and by all other individuals, students as well as College staff, that may be involved.

Academic Scholarships

The Board recognizes the value to the College of having students in attendance who are outstanding in their ability, because students of the highest academic caliber not only upgrade the academic standings, but, by stimulating both staff and fellow students, they tend to improve the general quality of the educational experiences of everyone at the College. It is our desire to encourage these students to attend Macomb Community College by offering scholarships based on merit; that is, based on ability for high achievement in coursework, and on musical and artistic talent.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
Macomb Community College
December 20, 1977
Updated pursuant to Board authorization (12/7/11)