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Construction and Renovation Guidelines

Construction and Renovation Guidelines


To serve the needs of Macomb Community College, its educational programs and departments through a planned and programmatic approach that provides modernizations, replacement and refurbishment of facilities and infrastructure in a cost effective manner.


The Executive Vice President for Business is responsible for the construction and renovation activities of the College. The Director of Administrative Services is responsible for the implementation of the Construction and Renovation guidelines.


The Business Office will review and evaluate renovation and construction needs and thereafter recommend to and seek approval from the Board of Trustees on construction and renovation programs.

Following Board approval, bids will be solicited. Advertisements and notices will be placed in a wide range of mediums and markets to solicit bids that will provide the College with the best possible proposals and prices.

Contractors will be selected that offer proposals that provide acceptable quality and services and are in the best interest of the College. Whenever the lowest bidder is not awarded the contract for work, specific reasons will be documented and communicated as appropriate.

Wherever applicable, bid specifications shall include terms that will promote harmonious relations among skilled tradespersons and laborers.

Although thorough planning is essential to a successful construction and renovation program, it is inevitable that changes and revisions may occur after the awarding of a contract. In the event that a change to a contract is necessary or desired, a Change Order Request shall be initiated. The Administration will not initiate any change order that will cause a project to exceed its budget without approval of the Board of Trustees.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
Macomb Community College
November 18, 2014
Revised November 14, 2018
Updated pursuant to Board authorization, January 2023