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Business & Information Technology

Macomb's Workforce and Continuing Education (WCE) Business & Information Technology programs provide comprehensive customized training in the basic aspects required to be relevant and successful in today’s business environment. We can assist in strengthening your company’s business structure to realize more potential and improve efficiencies in these areas:

  • Leadership– Strengthen leadership skills through the implementation of concepts that address personal behavior styles and generational differences that can affect team dynamics.
  • Management – Acquire tools to communicate, collaborate and motivate others.
  • Professional Sales – Enhance sales methodologies that focus on cultivating and finalizing a sale.
  • Customer Service – Ensure that every employee is a customer service advocate for your organization so that each customer contact is beneficial to you and your customer.
  • Informational Technology & Computer Software Training – Improve productivity and office skills through courses that cover basic computer skills, networking, web design, programming, social media and Microsoft Office applications.
  • Employee Assessment and Evaluation – Using our library of more than 30 evaluation and assessment tools, gain insight into recruitment, selection, performance, development succession and transition within your organization.

Macomb’s consultants will collaborate closely with your organization to ensure these programs meet your company’s specific needs.

Check out some of our most popular training modules:

For more information about WCE Business & Information Technology training for your company, call 586.498.4112.

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