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Procedure to Obtain Hearing Before the Board of Trustees

The individual requesting a hearing by the Board of Trustees shall first meet with the President. The President will reduce to writing the expressed concerns of the individual and shall also verify that proper procedures have been followed and that the request has gone through proper channels in accordance with stated Board policy. The President will then submit his written report, together with the written documents provided by the individual (if any), to the Board of Trustees. The Board, upon reviewing the written material, will then determine whether it will sit in private session with that individual.

Procedures for closed sessions are defined by the Open Meetings Act. Procedures for placing an item on the Board Agenda are addressed by an earlier policy. Procedures regarding Human Resources issues are addressed by the Open Meetings Act and negotiated contracts.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
Macomb Community College
June 17, 1969
Revised May 20, 1997