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Achieving the Dream Leadership

Achieving the Dream began at Macomb Community College in 2009 led by a core team of faculty and administrators. Under their leadership the college made progress advancing our student success mission. In order to continue to evolve, the college recognized the need to broaden participation amongst faculty, administrators and staff. In order to foster greater involvement, the college created the Student Success Council in 2014. The following are members of the Student Success Council.

Student Success Council Members

*Leadership Team





Abdul Shahid, Aysha LU/Business & I.T. /Clerical Assistant South Pt Non-Faculty
Allvin, Leanne* SS/Counseling & Academic Advising/Special Services Counselor South Faculty
Asher, Jane LU/Arts & Sciences/Adjunct Faculty-Communications South Adjunct
Barrientez, Maureen SS/Enrollment/Administrative Assistant Center ASP
Benefiel, Jonathan LU/Arts & Science/Adjunct Faculty-Math Center Adjunct
Blonigen, Jackie LU/Libraries & Learning Centers/Library Manager Center STA
Brown, Nancy SS/Enrollment/Administrative Assistant Center ASP
Bublitz, Leah LU/Libraries & Learning Centers/Reading/Writing Coordinator Center STA
Chunchick, Kelly SS/Counseling & Advising/Counselor Center Faculty
Dyer, Brigit* LU/Arts & Sciences/ Sociology Instructor Center Faculty
Goossen, Cal* LU/Arts & Sciences/English Professor South Faculty
Hanna, Rana SS/Counseling & Advising/Student Services Navigator South Pt Non-Faculty
Hickman, Randall President's Office/Research/Director of Special Research Projects South Administrator
Huot, Jillian LU/Provost Office/Dir, Accreditation, Assessment Center Administrator
Jewett, Mark SS/Career Services/Career Services Coordinator Center STA
Larimer, Lori Business/Client Svcs & Programs/Financial Aid/Manager South STA
Lutes, Kathryn LU/Libraries & Learning Centers/Reading/Writing Coordinator South STA
Majeski, Renee SS/Counseling & Academic Advising/Manager Center STA
Marlow, Doug LU/EAT/Design and Construction Professor South Faculty
Martin, Colleen SS/Counseling & Academic Advising/Academic Advisor South Faculty
Mayernik, Heather LU/Arts & Sciences/Reading Professor South Faculty
Mende, Deborah President's Office/Director South Administrator
Michaeli, Ann Marketing/Manager, Marketing Information Services South STA
Mirijanian, Narine Learning Unit/Arts & Sciences/Associate Dean South Administrator
Moroschan, Kathleen Student Services/Counseling & Academic Advising/Admin Asst. South ASP
Tammone, William* LU/Provost & Vice President South Administrator
Taylor, Laura LU/Libraries & Learning Centers/Librarian South Faculty
Thomas-Little, Jill* SS/Vice President South Administrator
Thurman, Daniel Student Services/Student Services Dean's Office/Associate Dean  Both Administrator
Weakland, Terri SS/VP, Student Services/Project Director South Administrator
Weckerle, Carl LU/Libraries & Learning Centers/ Instructional Technology-Director South Administrator
Wellhausen, Carey Business/Financial Services/Director of Auxiliary Operations South Administrator
Willard-Yakushev, Autumn LU/Arts & Sciences/Psychology Professor South Faculty
Williams, Susanna LU/Humanities/Foreign Languages/Professor South Faculty
Jackson, Rosalee Student Representative n/a n/a
Nadon, Kyle Student Representative n/a n/a
Scheall, Patricia Student Representative n/a n/a
Kilgore, Robert Student Representative n/a n/a
Islam, Marzana Student Representative n/a n/a