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Reporting Process Overview and Purpose

Reporting Process

If you encounter a student at Macomb exhibiting any of the following behaviors, please fill out the Behavioral Concern Report as soon as possible:

  • Bizarre/Disjointed Thoughts
  • Depression/Unexplained Crying
  • Disruptive Classroom Behavior
  • Disruptive Behavior Outside of the Classroom
  • Disturbing Written or Verbal Communication
  • Excessive Anxiety/Heightened Emotional Distress
  • Hostile, Aggressive or Intimidating Remarks or Behaviors
  • Inappropriate Display of Anger/Negative Emotions
  • Marked Change in Behavior, Appearance or Academic Performance
  • Self-Destructive Behavior (Cutting, Burning, etc.)
  • Threatening or Attempting Suicide

After a report is submitted:

  • Report enters a secure database
  • An automated notification is sent to the Behavioral Intervention Team members
  • Report is reviewed by the Behavioral Intervention Team
  • Reporter may be contacted for further information
  • Team determines risk level of behavior using a standardized risk rubric and will determine appropriate intervention recommendations and coordination. The Team links students of concern to appropriate medical, counseling or other supportive services while balancing the individual's rights with the rights of all others for safety.
  • Reporter may or may not be informed of the results of their report.

When to Call College Police

In some instances, immediate intervention by College Police is necessary. If you encounter a student or other individual meeting any of the following criteria, call College Police immediately at 911 on a college phone or 586.445.7135 on a cell phone:

  • Poses a real or perceived immediate threat of physical violence to themselves or others
  • Disoriented, acting strangely or disrupting the environment
  • Appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Reports that they have been sexually attacked
  • Is involved in a criminal activity

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