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Giving Industry a Hand

Collaborative work

Manufacturing depends upon robotics technology to speed processes, control quality and relieve workers of repetitive tasks and the injuries they cause.

But a robot is only as efficient as the technician programming it.

It’s a collaboration between human and machine, and our program will make sure you always have the upper hand.

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Courses that lead to certification

In our program, you’ll learn how to create, execute, test, modify and program robotic machines as you prepare for Fuji Automatic Numerical Control (FANUC) certification.

You’ll learn from faculty who have programmed robots for industry, and you’ll earn credits that can be applied to a certificate or degree in Applied Technology.

Coursework includes:

  • Robot Operations
  • ArcTool Robot Welding
  • Material Handling Robot
  • Handling Tool Robot Features & Options
  • Vision Robot

For a closer at the courses, visit the College Catalog.

Ready to take the controls?

Contact the Department of Engineering and Advanced Technology, 586.445.7435, for help getting started.

Help wanted!

Manufacturing companies need robotics programmers now more than ever before.

Use this handy tool to see the positions available locally and the pay you can expect to earn.

If you need help finding that first job, our Career Services team can help with search techniques and resume building.