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Physical Therapist Assistant

Restoring Mobility

Helping patients avoid surgery

Whether it’s a sports injury, car accident or hereditary condition, the human body doesn’t always heal itself.

Combining massage, heat treatment and exercise, physical therapy restores the strength and mobility of a patient who has sustained a trauma or is otherwise experiencing diminishing motor skills.

As a physical therapist assistant, you’ll document a patient’s progress, assist them in their prescribed exercises and provide support to a physical therapist as you help patients bounce back without orthopedic surgery.

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Physical Therapist Assistant


Our program leads to an associate of applied science degree and awards credits that will transfer into a bachelor’s degree program if you decide to pursue one.

Our faculty have worked as physical therapists and will teach, mentor and prepare you to take the National Physical Therapy Examination.

You’ll learn about:

  • Physiological principles
  • Major muscle groups
  • Skeletal anatomy
  • Joint structure
  • Musculoskeletal movement
  • Kinesiology

And much more!

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Professor Carol Plisner, our program advisor, would be happy to discuss the program with you. Call her at 586.286.2031.

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Use the tool below to see what positions are available locally and what you can expect to earn, as well as what would be available if you earned a doctorate degree from a university and became a physical therapist.

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