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Photographic Arts

Visual Stories

Elevate your digital photos

Digital cameras and software applications have changed the nature of photography, making it a more accessible and pliable medium.

By incorporating the techniques you’ll learn in our program, you’ll be able to elevate your digital photos to professional quality whether they’re destined for your social media platform, a wedding album or a printed or online publication.

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Photographic Arts

Learn from a professional!

Our program is taught by a professional photographer whose portfolio includes wedding, event and family photography.

Our instructor will turn your passion into a career, or your family photos into more memorable keepsakes.

You’ll learn:

  • Composition techniques
  • Portraiture photography
  • Cityscape and landscape photography
  • Black and white photography
  • Editing photographs in Photoshop
  • And much more!

And because it’s a Workforce and Continuing Education (WCE) program, you don’t have to apply for admission.

For more information on our program and to register, visit the WCE Catalog.

Ready to take your shot?

Our program coordinator is waiting to hear from you! Contact her at 586.498.4100 or

Freelance or full-time

Complete the courses in our program and receive a certificate in Photographic Arts, a credential to share with potential clients on your resume and business card.

Both freelance and full-time jobs are available for skilled photographers. Use this tool to explore what’s available locally and what you can expect to earn.

And if you need an assist in finding a job, our Career Services team is here to help.