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Media & Communication Arts - Photography

The Art of Image

Adding the “wow” factor

You’ve probably taken many photos in your life and have already developed some basic photographer skills. And if you’ve practiced enough, you likely have some good photos to show for it.  

But photography requires more than a good eye and steady hand. After an image is captured, there’s still work to be done. 

In our program, you’ll acquire the skills to take the best shot and add the “wow” after the fact using both digital and 35mm techniques.

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Media & Communication Arts – Photography

A faculty of photographers

Our faculty are all photographers, possessing an insider’s knowledge of what it takes to make it professionally.

They’ll serve as mentor as well as teacher and will take a personal interest in your progress as you build a portfolio that includes portraiture, composite images, timed exposures, display advertising, landscapes and cityscapes.

You’ll learn about:

  • Camera operations (digital and 35mm)
  • Exposure control
  • Composition
  • Image processing and printing
  • Photoshop software
  • Photojournalism
  • Commercial photography

Ready to take the shot?

Professor Bill Soule Jr. is our program advisor and he can help you get started. Contact him at 586.498.4196.

Camera ready

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