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The Science of Commercial Art

Behind the scenes

The ads are eye catching. The website entertaining. The campaigns engaging.

But there is more to marketing than meets the eye.

Behind the scenes, well-developed strategies guide graphic design, videography, audience targeting, content development and advertising placement that gets a customer’s attention and inspires brand loyalty.

For a look at all the courses in our program, consult the course list.

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Brand promise

Our program is taught by experienced marketers who know what it takes to develop and execute an effective marketing plan.

They’re excited to teach you how to do the same. Consider it their “brand promise,” a concept you’ll be introduced to in our program.

You’ll also learn about:  

  • Target markets
  • Relationship-building
  • Consumer-buying habits
  • Market research
  • Big Data
  • And much more!

A certificate option
Whether it’s an avenue to employment before you graduate, a skill set to complement your marketing degree or a standalone for professional development and resume building, earning an E-Marketing Certificate is a solid career move.  
Our E-Marketing Certificate program consists of six courses totaling 20 credit hours, which can be applied to the requirements of your Marketing degree. The program is designed to give you an understanding of general marketing principles with specialized knowledge in online advertising, Search Engine Optimization, social media strategies and web-page creation.

Take the next step

Our program advisors Professor Monique Beauchamp-Doll, 586.445.7008, and Professor Joseph Rice, 586,286.2040, invite you to call them with any questions.

Complement your business degree!

Most of the courses in our associate degree program are offered online and all provide credits that transfer if you intend to earn a bachelor’s degree.

You can also opt to complete only the certificate as a complement to a degree you already have or intend to earn in business, management or a related field. 

With an associate degree in Marketing, you could enter the job market as a marketing assistant. Use the handy tool provided for a look at the positions available locally and the average salary you can expect.

When you’re ready, our Career Services team can help you with job placement and resume preparation.